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Fried pies with potatoes

Fried pies with potatoes

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Ingredients for Making Fried Potato Pies

For the test

  1. Premium wheat flour 500 g
  2. Milk (2.5%) 1 cup
  3. Active (dry) yeast 2.5 tea spoons
  4. Sugar 1 teaspoon a spoon
  5. Chicken eggs 2 pcs.
  6. Salt 0.5 teaspoon spoons
  7. Vegetable oil 2-3 table. spoons

For filling

  1. Potato 5 pcs.
  2. Onion 1 pc.
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Ground black pepper to taste
  5. Bay leaf 4-5 pcs.
  6. Milk (2.5%) 1 table. a spoon
  7. Butter 1 table. a spoon
  • Main Ingredients Potato, Yeast Dough
  • Serving 5-6
  • World Cuisine


Bowl, Knife, Spoon, Sieve, Fork or whisk, Plate, Saucepan, Pusher, Rolling pin, Frying pan, Skimmer, Plate

Cooking fried pies with potatoes:

Step 1: Cooking the dough for the pies.

Milk needs to be heated, but do not allow it to boil or burn. We also do not need hot milk, only warm. Check the temperature by dipping a finger in milk (of course, clean). Add sugar to milk and, stirring, dissolve it. Now you can pour out the yeast, and then mix the mixture again until a foam appears. To make the dough for pies more airy, the flour must be sieved before cooking - so it is saturated with air. So, pour the flour into a bowl and make a small depression in the center, where we pour the milk with dissolved yeast and sugar. We leave the yeast to wander, so that they rise and form the so-called "hat", which is clearly shown in the photo. “Cap” means that the yeast is fresh and fermented so that cooking can continue. We break a couple of eggs into a glass, pour vegetable oil and salt to them. Beat them with a whisk or a fork. Pour the whipped mixture into a bowl with flour and yeast and begin to knead the dough, in a spiral from the center to the edges. When a ready lump forms, you need to beat the dough on the table to make it even softer and more uniform. Now the dough is ready for rolling and subsequent baking.

Step 2: Prepare the filling for the pies.

Rinse potatoes and onions with running water and peel, peel. We collect water in a pan and put potatoes in it. We cook it as for mashed potatoes, actually the filling from it will consist. When the water boils, add bay leaf to give the vegetable a greater flavor. While we wait for the completion of cooking, finely chop the onion. 20 minutes after the start of cooking, check the potato is ready with a knife or fork, when the tubers will easily pierce, so you can drain the water and be sure to remove the bay leaf. We make mashed potatoes from boiled potatoes, adding milk and butter, so that the potatoes are better cured, and the filling was tastier. Salt and pepper to taste, mix well and cool. The filling is ready!

Step 3: Cooking Fried Potato Pies.

Sprinkle flour on the table or other rolling surface so that the dough does not stick. We pluck small balls from the coma of the dough, which we roll out into cakes, about 6 millimeters thick. If you like to have more dough and fewer fillings, then roll the cake thicker. We put about 1 tablespoon of the filling into the center of the cake, and then we reduce the edges and pinch them very carefully and carefully so that the pies do not open. Lubricate the pan with vegetable oil, heat it and fry the first batch of pies on medium heat, on both sides. When a golden crust forms, the pies are ready. You can spread them with a slotted spoon on a plate, and send the next batch to the pan. It will take you about 10 minutes to fry one batch of pies.

Step 4: Serve the finished fried pies with potatoes.

Pies are most delicious when they are just cooked, so we convene the household to the table, pour milk or tea into glasses and serve hot pies with a crispy crust. Enjoyment of dinner guaranteed! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Instead of dry active yeast, fresh pressed ones can be used. They will need 30 g.

- - Try adding dried dill to the filling - it will give an incredible aroma. And if you want pies more satisfying, add fried mushrooms, cabbage or meat to the potato.

- - If you want as little oil as possible on the patties, dry them with a paper towel.

- - Save your time, you don’t need to sculpt all the pies at once, especially since the dough does not need to be raised. Blind the first batch and send to the pan until they are fried, blind the second, etc.

- - If the dough is soft and flexible enough, you can not roll it out, but simply knead it by hand. Grease your hands with vegetable oil so that the dough does not stick.

- - So that the pies do not "sweat", do not lay them on top of each other. Spread a towel and lay them in a row, and even better - put them upright. So the pies cool faster and do not get wet.

- - If you are afraid that the onion will not have time to steam out inside the pies, before adding it to the filling, fry it in a pan with a small amount of oil.