Tortellini with chicken, mushrooms and mascarpone

Tortellini with chicken, mushrooms and mascarpone

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Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Tortellini with chicken, mushrooms and mascarpone:

  1. Cut the chicken into strips or cubes as desired, season and cook in the oil from the dried tomatoes until golden.

  2. Boil tortellini in salted water following the instructions on the package.

  3. Add sliced ​​garlic.

  4. Put the mushrooms and add the mascarpone. Stir.

  5. Cut the dried tomatoes into strips and put them in the sauce formed by melting the mascarpone cheese.

  6. Incorporate in the sauce the mix of spices and a little nutmeg powder.

  7. At the end, put tortellini and mix.

  8. Taste and salt / season if necessary.

  9. Decorate with a mix of spices and green parsley.

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Use a large Wok pan.

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The cookbook

I put the chicken, sliced ​​eggplant (previously salted and fried), grated cheese, pressed ham:


definitely a very interesting recipe. I wrote it down. A wonderful day!

Interesting recipe! I think the roll was very good.
You could participate with the recipe in the September challenge "Sweet Romania!", Hosted this month by Betty (it's a kind of online meeting of bloggers).

How good it looks. I think it's very good. I kiss you. Thank you for visiting.

I always go on the blog to see what other recipes you post. Very interesting and tasty. and for everyone to understand.

Very appetizing roll and definitely delicious!

Happy Birthday toooooo yoooou,
Happppyyy Bithdaaay tooo youuuuuu!
Happy Birthday, dear Mariette!
Haaaaapppyyyy Birthdaaaaaaay toooo yooooooouuuuu! : *

Danutza, thank you!
sarah, I really like such dishes!
Alexandrina, I like competitions, if I have time, I will think of something!
DiaMar-yellow kitchen, and me: thank you!
gabriella, I admit, I was a bit lazy this summer :)

Recipes for beginners and more. by Naty

After an absence of almost a month. how good it was on vacation. I came back with new recipes that I sincerely hope you like


1 chicken breast
1 bamboo box
1 box of mushrooms
1 jar of baby corn
1-2 carrots
soy sauce
1-2 cloves garlic
Method of preparation
Cut the chicken breast into strips (straw) and place in a bowl, place the crushed or finely chopped garlic over it. Pour soy sauce and refrigerate overnight. or at least a few hours.
Carrot cut straw. Put a little olive oil in a pan and put the chicken. leave on medium heat, stirring constantly. after the meat has a white color, add the carrot and let it cook, when it is almost ready, add the corn, mushrooms and bamboo. Add 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, leave for another 7 minutes and remove from the heat.
Serve with white or black rice.

A comment:


1. Soak the dehydrated mushrooms in warm water and set them aside for 15-20 minutes. If you use fresh mushrooms, wash them and chop them finely. After they have hydrated, squeeze them in your hand as much as you can and then chop them.

2. Melt the butter in a pan, add the mushrooms, garlic, parsley and green onions, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Leave on medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, then add the wine and chicken soup and bring to a boil. Turn the heat to low and simmer for another 10 minutes, or until the liquid has reduced in size and thickened.

3. Boil the pasta in salted water and cook according to the instructions on the package. If you used dehydrated mushrooms, you can add the water they were in.

4. Add the chicken breast fillets to the sauce and cook until tender. Add the mascarpone, one tablespoon at a time, mixing well after each. If necessary, you can add a little water.

5. Drain the pasta, put them in a bowl and pour the sauce on top.

Pasta with chicken breast and mushrooms is served immediately, garnished with fresh basil or rosemary leaves.

Tortellini with mushrooms and cheese

The pleasant appearance will always make any dish more appetizing, serving is a kind of culinary marketing for the eyes and stomach. For this reason I prefer the dough for egg yolks. It always has an intense yellow and only this color intensifies the appetite and hunger. And when we fill the dough with the stuffing of fresh mushrooms and cream cheese with greens and lemon peel, it becomes a real paradise for gourmets. Moreover, you will learn how to prepare tortellini, look at the pictures how good they look. We will also add mushroom broth, green peas for decoration.


  • Dough for pasta
  • Mushrooms & # 8211 170 g
  • Onions -1
  • Garlic & # 8211 2 puppies
  • Mint
  • Olive oil & # 8211 2 tbsp
  • Lemon peel
  • Cream cheese & # 8211 150 g
  • Mushroom broth

Prepare the dough for the egg yolk pasta. This dough can also be used for lasagna, pasta, ravioli and others.

Take the mushrooms (170 g), I personally prefer fresh mushrooms, always delicious and available. You can use any other type of mushroom. Cut them into medium-sized pieces. Chop an onion, a few cloves of garlic and mint (according to your own taste).

Pour everything into the blender bowl.

Leave some space in the bowl.

Add a few tablespoons of olive oil. You can use any other vegetable.

You will get a mushroom paste. You can add anchovies or sprouts, it's a matter of taste.

Fry this pasta for 5 minutes on a dry pan.

While the mushroom paste is being prepared, pour the cream cheese into a container. You can replace it with mascarpone, ricotta, or even cottage cheese. Add the peel of a lemon.

When the mushroom paste is ready, leave it for 10 minutes to cool, otherwise the cheese will melt. Then add it to the cream cheese.

Refrigerate the filling for at least 30 minutes. If you cover it with plastic wrap, it can be kept for a few days. A cold to be easier to form tortellini, the filling will be more solid.

In the meantime, take care of the dough. I do everything with the help of a planetary mixer, but it is possible to do everything manually and with the twister. Divide the dough into 4 pieces. The dough you did not work with, cover it with a damp paper. Flatten each piece with a thickness of about 2-3 mm.

The width of the dough strip should be slightly larger than the ring. I used one with a diameter of 9 cm, you can use even smaller ones. If you do not have one at hand, use a cup. Form circles. I got 4 circles from each strip of dough.

In the center of each circle add a tablespoon of mushroom filling. Grease the edges of the dough with egg, very lightly.

Tortellini are formed very simply. Glue them in half by pressing lightly with your fingers.

Now glue the corners, also gluing them with your fingers.

You have to get such a beauty.

Ready tortellini can be frozen or cooked immediately.

I boiled them in mushroom broth. Add some mushrooms and peas. Boil for 2-5 minutes.

Simona's World

What to be, what to be ?! Of course a rice with something! Like just no ... no week without rice! I think I was Chinese in a previous life.
This time I tried another combination. And because there are some breasts left from the flavored chicken made in the oven, I thought of using it, along with some mushrooms, unfortunately this time from the canning ... that's the only way I had it around the house then. The idea with the chicken was very good, it gave a great flavor to my rice!

1 small onion
1 small carrot
1 cup rice
1/2 preserve mushrooms
1/2 breast chicken in the oven
1 cube with chicken flavor
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon curry

I hardened in a little oil the finely chopped onion and carrot. When you have softened a little, I added the washed and drained rice well, and I let it "bloom" as well. I put enough hot water to cover the rice. I matched the salt and added the chicken flavored cube. and I let it boil. When the rice was half cooked, I put the washed mushrooms in more water, and the chicken breast cut into pieces.


Very good food! I really like mushrooms, in any combination. So I do not refuse an invitation to dinner)

You hit me hard with rice. I just got a pot of rice and I can't wait to try it. And in combination with mushrooms and chicken I think it's wonderful. I'm actually sure!
Sweet kisses :*:*:*

very good piles of rice with poultry

f good. what a craving you made me.

Alexandrina, I like mushrooms just as much. I look forward to seeing you at the table! Many kisses
Oana, mm .. I don't have a special pot for rice .. So, I'm looking for it :) I'll mention mine :))) Sweet kisses
Smurf, daaaa! I like rice anyway! Many kisses
Cristina, serve with pleasure. Kiss you

And blondes cook

It's a kind of pasta I've never made before. In fact, I adapted the tortellini recipe I was making and replaced the kaizer with chicken. It turned out just as good.

Ingredients for chicken breast tortellini:

- 1 bag of tortellini with mushrooms
- 1 large chicken breast
- 6 larger fresh mushrooms
- 250 gr cheese
- 150 gr sour cream
- Oregano
- salt

I boiled tortellini and left them until they boiled.

I diced the chicken breast and the mushrooms and put them on the fire to brown in a little oil. I seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano.

I grated the cheese and mixed it with sour cream.

After the tortellini was boiled, I drained the water and added the chicken, mushrooms and sour cream sauce.

I put it in the oven for 5 minutes.

The recipe for tortellini with chicken breast is ready.

Good appetite! And the blondes are cooking!

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