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Fried mackerel

Fried mackerel

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Ingredients for Fried Mackerel

  1. Mackerel 1 piece
  2. Lemon 1/2 pieces
  3. Ground black pepper to taste
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Coriander to taste
  6. Wheat flour 40 grams
  7. Vegetable oil 30-50 milliliters
  • Main ingredients: Mackerel, Lemon, Flour
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World Cuisine


Cutting board, Knife - 2 pieces, Paper kitchen towels, Deep bowl, Deep plate, Stove, Frying pan, Kitchen spatula, Plate

Cooking Fried Mackerel:

Step 1: prepare the mackerel.

We wash the mackerel under cold running water from any contaminants, put it on a cutting board and with a knife for cutting fish we separate the head from the body.

After we cut the fish abdomen and gutted it from the insides. Now it’s worth deciding on the preferred portion size, you can fry the mackerel in different ways, whole, cut into fillets or, as in our case, sliced ​​into portions. After slicing, we rinse the mackerel again under cold water, dry it with paper kitchen towels from excess moisture and transfer the prepared fish to a deep bowl.

Mackerel is a marine fish and has a specific iodine odor. Therefore, for people who normally perceive this smell, you can skip the pickling process. Well, and those who think the smell of this fish is quite harsh, I suggest getting rid of it in a very easy way. With a fruit knife, cut the lemon into 2 halves, use one of them to prepare any other equally tasty dishes, and from the second, squeeze the juice with your hand directly into pieces of mackerel. After sprinkle the fish with salt, black pepper, coriander, mixing pieces of mackerel with your hands, and leave them in this form on 10 - 15 minutes.

Step 2: fry the mackerel.

In 10 - 15 minutes turn on the stove to a medium level and put on it a pan with 30 milliliters of vegetable oil. While it is warming up, pour 40 grams of wheat flour into a deep plate and roll pieces of pickled fish in it. After that, carefully place them in the heated fat and fry the mackerel from all sides to a golden crust of soft beige or, if desired, dark brown. On the frying of each side of the portioned pieces will take 45 minutes.

We periodically turn the fish with a kitchen spatula from side to side for even frying and, if necessary, add another portion of vegetable oil to the pan.

We put the finished fish on paper kitchen towels and allow the paper to absorb the excess fat. After we lay out the pieces of mackerel on plates, serve flavorful dish with any garnish you like and serve it to the table.

Step 3: serve the fried mackerel.

Fried mackerel is served hot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Any garnish is suitable for this delicious fish, but mashed potatoes, boiled rice or a salad of fresh vegetables can be considered ideal. Like any other fish dish, fried mackerel is preferably savored under a glass of dry white wine, and non-alcoholic drink lovers can be offered juices from green apples or green grapes. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If after pickling with lemon juice you still catch an odor unpleasant for your sense of smell, mackerel, it is worth pickling the fish in white dry wine, onions and spices for 1 - 1.5 hours and then frying in a pan as indicated in the recipe.

- At will, pieces of mackerel can be sprinkled not only with black pepper, but also with spices such as dried parsley, thyme, tarragon, red pepper and any other spices that are suitable for cooking fish dishes.

- Do not forget that mackerel sea fish and its meat tissues have a rather large percentage of salt, so be careful with this ingredient during pickling so that your dish does not turn out to be too salted; 2 to 3 pinch of salt is enough for 2 fish .

- If desired, this type of fish can be fried in batter, that is, in a beaten chicken egg.