French fried liver

Ingredients for french fried liver

  1. Chicken liver 500 grams
  2. Freshly squeezed lemon juice 1-2 tablespoons
  3. Fresh champignon mushrooms 300 grams
  4. Fresh tomatoes of medium size 2-3 pieces
  5. Onions medium size 2-3 pieces
  6. Medium-sized garlic 3-4 cloves
  7. Sour cream 20% fat 200 milliliters
  8. Vegetable oil for frying dishes
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Ground black pepper to taste
  • Main ingredientsLiver, Tomato, Mushrooms, Sour cream
  • Serving 4 servings


Cutting board, Knife, Bowl - 2 pieces, Glass, Plate - 2 pieces, Pan, Cooker, Skimmer, Garlic, Frying pan, Tablespoon, Wooden spatula, Lid, Deep dish

Cooking fried liver in "French":

Step 1: prepare the liver.

We spread the liver on a cutting board and, using a kitchen knife, remove the veins, films and fat. Since our ingredient is small, so we don’t cut it into pieces. We shift the component into a bowl and rinse under running water. Then we drain the water from the tank. Since any liver is always bitter, therefore, in a bowl with our ingredient we pour half a glass of lemon juice diluted with water. Then we set the capacity aside for 15-20 minutes. After this time, we drain the water, and the liver is washed again under running water and transferred to a free bowl. Attention: if you are preparing a dish from a liver of large sizes (for example, beef or pork), then we shift it to a cutting board and use sharp tools to cut into oblong long blocks no more than 3-4 centimeters.

Step 2: prepare the mushrooms.

Wash the mushrooms under warm running water and transfer to a cutting board. Using a kitchen knife, we cut the mushrooms into small pieces and lay in a free plate.

Step 3: prepare the tomatoes.

We wash the tomatoes under running water and put them on a cutting board. Remove the skin from our ingredient manually. Using a knife, we cut the vegetable ingredient in half, and then cut each half lengthwise and crosswise into small cubes. We spread the ingredient in a separate plate. Attention: if the peel of tomatoes is not removed well, then blanch them before cutting the vegetables. To do this, transfer the tomatoes into a small pan, making a cross-shaped incision on each of them first. Pour vegetables over with boiling water for 2 minutes. After that, using a slotted spoon, we get the tomatoes out of the container and under cold water. Then manually remove the skin from the vegetable ingredient.

Step 4: prepare the onion.

We peel the onion with a kitchen knife from the husk and rinse it well under running water. Then we shift the vegetable ingredient onto a cutting board and, using the same sharp inventory, cut it into small squares, 5-7 mm each everyone. Transfer the chopped onion into a free bowl.

Step 5: prepare the garlic.

We put the cloves of garlic on a cutting board and, pressing on them with the handle of a knife, remove the husk from the vegetable ingredient. Then with the help of the garlic mill, grind the cloves of garlic and transfer them to a separate plate. Attention: you can chop the garlic with a kitchen knife if you wish.

Step 6: prepare the fried liver "in French".

Pour vegetable oil into a skillet and put the container on medium heat. When the oil warms up well, we transfer the chopped onions into a container using a tablespoon. When the onion becomes slightly transparent and soft, reduce the heat and add chopped garlic to it. Using a wooden spatula, mix the two ingredients well with each other and continue to fry them over low heat. 3-5 minutes. Important Do not overcook vegetable ingredients. Then we shift the mushroom slices into this container and continue to cook our dish, and do not forget to periodically mix all the ingredients. Upon expiration 10 minutes add chopped tomatoes to the pan. Stew our vegetable dressing yet about 5 minutes. After that, put the pieces of the liver into the container. It is advisable to spread the liver in a container in one layer, so that each piece is in contact with the bottom of the pan. Using a wooden spatula, periodically mix all the ingredients and make sure that the liver is well-fried on all sides. After 4-5 minutesWhen the liver is slightly stewed, add sour cream to the pan and mix it with all the ingredients. Then salt and pepper to taste. Stew our dish another 4-5 minutes. After that we turn off the burner, and cover the container with the dish on top, so that the liver is a little infused and saturated with all the vegetable ingredients.

Step 7: serve the fried liver "in French".

We shift the liver into a deep dish and serve it immediately to the table. From above, fried liver “in French” can be decorated with chopped parsley and dill. Any side dish is perfect for our dish: rice or buckwheat porridge, mashed potatoes or pasta, as well as a salad of raw vegetables. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - When buying a liver, pay attention to its quality. A good liver has a shiny, smooth surface and brown color. It should not have blood clots. Do not buy loose liver or orange, as this is a sign that it is either frostbitten or bad.

- - If you are preparing a dish of beef or pork liver, then before cooking, the liver must be soaked in milk. From this, it will not only not be bitter, but will also become softer and more tender.

- - Sour cream for cooking can be replaced with cream with a low percentage of fat content.

- - Mushrooms in our dish can be replaced with other mushrooms.