Plumping (Scottish cuisine)

Plumping (Scottish cuisine)

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Ingredients for Cooking Plump Pudding (Scottish Cuisine)

  1. Dried fruits (dried apricots, brown seedless raisins, white seedless raisins, mango, dates, seedless prunes) 500 grams
  2. Wheat flour 240 grams
  3. Sugar 3 tablespoons
  4. 1/2 teaspoon salt
  5. Baking powder 2 teaspoons
  6. Wheat Sprouts 50 grams
  7. 2 eggs
  8. Flower honey 100-120 grams
  9. Milk 120 milliliters
  10. Rum essence or almond essence or vanilla essence 1 teaspoon
  11. Nutmeg 1 teaspoon
  12. Ground cinnamon spice 1 teaspoon
  13. Ground ginger spice 1 teaspoon
  14. Cognac 200-300 milliliters
  • Main ingredients: Dried fruits, Raisins, Figs, Dried apricots, Uryuk, Date, Prunes, Flour, Cognac
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World cuisine Scottish cuisine


Blender, Litered glass jar sterilized, Lid sterilized for jar, Deep bowl, Gauze, Rope or baking tourniquet, Wooden spoon, Deep large pan, Cooker, Kitchen scissors, Knife, Cutting board, Medium pan, Fine grater, Serving platter, Medium bowl, Kitchen paper towels, Saucer, Stewpan, Refrigerator, Electric kettle or metal kettle, Cup

Cooking plump pudding (Scottish cuisine):

Step 1: prepare dried fruits.

To prepare such a Scottish pudding, you can take not only the dried fruits indicated in the recipe, but also any others at your discretion. You can also add candied fruits to the dish, as well as fresh zest of orange, lime and lemon. The main thing is that plump pudding is to your taste. So, if you purchased dry fruits by weight in the market, and not packaged in the supermarket, then it is better to rinse the ingredients under running warm water to clean them of excess dust and dirt. To do this, pour all the dried fruits into a medium bowl and fill with ordinary warm running water. With clean hands, wash the components directly in the container, and after that we drain the water from the bowl, holding the dried fruits with your palm so that they do not fall into the sink. We repeat this procedure several times. Then - we spread the ingredients on kitchen paper towels and temporarily set aside so that excess liquid comes from the glass. To speed up the process, you can also cover dried fruit with another towel and press down with your hand so that the napkin absorbs water. And now, put the components of the dish in the blender bowl and 3-5 speeds slightly chop dried fruits literally 10-15 seconds. Attention: it is not necessary to grind very dry fruits very much, since in the plumping should be found normal in size pieces of the filling. Using a tablespoon, transfer the crushed component to a sterilized glass jar and fill the whole mixture with cognac so that the alcoholic beverage completely covers the dried fruits. We mix everything well with the same improvised equipment and put in a secluded cool place or in the refrigerator on the lower shelves to infuse for 1 week. We close the jar with a lid so that dried fruits do not absorb the smells of products that are stored in the refrigerator. After the allotted time, dried fruits are well saturated with alcohol and will become soft.

Step 2: prepare the nutmeg.

In order to make the plump pudding more aromatic, it is better to add freshly ground spices and seasonings. That is why for starters we wash fresh nutmeg under running water, and then, after wetting it dry with a paper towel, put it on a cutting board or in a saucer. Using a fine grater, we rub the ingredient directly into a small plate.

Step 3: prepare the honey.

We spread honey in a saucepan with a tablespoon and put the container on a small fire. With constant stirring of the ingredient, melt the honey to a liquid state. After that, turn off the burner, and set the honey product aside so that it cools to room temperature.

Step 4: prepare plump pudding (Scottish cuisine).

So, we spread the pieces of dried fruits that have been infused in cognac, having previously shaken them from excess alcohol, in a deep bowl. Pour a small amount of flour into the same container so that the fruits can be rolled in the flour ingredient and we do not have any surplus left. With clean, dry hands or a tablespoon, mix all the components of the dish. After that, pour in the bowl such ingredients as: sugar, salt, baking powder, wheat germ, and also spices - freshly ground nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. Again, mix everything well with improvised inventory. After that, we break the eggs into a bowl and add honey, milk and essence of your choice of rum, almond or vanilla. Again, thoroughly mix with a tablespoon until a homogeneous mass is formed. The mixture should be quite thick and dense. Now, while we still have raw plumping insisted, we will prepare a gauze bag in which the dish will be prepared. We also pour ordinary cold water into a deep pan so that it does not cover more than half the dish, and put the container on medium heat. Let the water boil for now, and we will prepare the pumping. To do this, spread the cheesecloth on a flat surface and fold it several times, so that it turns out pretty dense. The size of the bag is determined from the calculation of the amount of the mixture of dried fruits and other components of the dish. So, pour the remaining flour onto the gauze fabric using a tablespoon and with clean, dry hands we level the flour ingredient over the entire surface of the fabric. Using the same tablespoon, spread the mixture of dried fruits in the center of the canvas with flour. Hands wrap all sides of the gauze fabric, leaving enough empty space inside so that the dish can quietly increase in size. Then we tie the gauze bag with a pastry rope or rope and make a loop. We pass a wooden spatula through the loop and carefully immerse the bag with the pump in boiling water so that the liquid covers the dish a little more than half. A wooden spatula is well fixed on the neck of the pan. Attention: at this moment it is necessary to be extremely careful not to get burned. Cook the Scottish pie over medium heat for 2.5 hours. Important: Be sure to monitor the water level in the pan, as the liquid will evaporate for such a long cooking time. Therefore, using a cup, pour boiling water into a container. To do this, at the ready we hold an electric kettle or another burner and an ordinary metal kettle. After the allotted time for cooking the dishes, turn off the burner, and carefully transfer the plumping, holding the wooden spatula by the edges with your hands, into another clean empty pan and leave for 15 minutes aside, so that the cake cools down a bit and the liquid comes off the glass. After that we transfer the dish to the cutting board and cut the knots on the rope with kitchen scissors. Hands open the edges of the gauze bag and leave more for 20-25 minutes plump pudding to cool.

Step 5: serving plump pudding (Scottish cuisine).

Across 20-25 minutes holding the plump-pudding at the base with a wooden spatula, transfer the pie to a flat serving dish. But we are not in a hurry to serve it to the table, but set aside to cool to room temperature. And only after that we put plump pudding to the festive table and treat ourselves to a piece of this juicy, tasty and very fragrant cake for all guests and loved ones. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - In addition to dried fruits, you can also add candied fruits, almonds or any other dried fruits to your taste to the filling. According to the old Scottish custom, you can also add coins or some decorations to the filling - for good luck. Only it is worth warning guests about this, so that such an object does not hit the tooth.

- - Instead of a pot of hot water, you can use a double boiler. In this case, we also wrap the plump-pudding in a gauze bag and tie it, but just do not risk getting burned.

- - Dried fruits can also be ground in a meat grinder with a large grill.