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Cake with fruits

Cake with fruits

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Ingredients for Making Cake with Fruits

For shortcakes

  1. Flour 150 grams
  2. Powdered sugar 1 cup
  3. Chicken eggs 6 pieces
  4. Medium-sized lemon - 1 piece to taste
  5. Baking powder 1 teaspoon
  6. Butter 120 grams
  7. Sour cream 1/3 cup
  8. A pinch of salt or to taste

For berry layer

  1. Frozen berries (any) 350 grams
  2. Fresh strawberries 6 pieces or to taste

To decorate

  1. Cream 30% fat 450 grams
  2. Powdered sugar 3-4 tablespoons
  3. Mango 3 pieces
  4. Strawberries as needed
  5. Blackberry as needed
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Strawberries, Cream
  • Serving 6 - 8


Oven, Cooker, Baking dish, Saucepan, Mixer or blender, Sieve, Colander, Batter, Knife, Cutting board, Metal kitchen spatula, Plates, Citrus grater, Paper kitchen towels, Large flat serving dish

Cooking a cake with fruits:

Step 1: prepare the dough.

First, we wash the eggs under running water from various kinds of contaminants and dry them with paper kitchen towels. Then we set 2 plates or bowls in front of us and begin to break the eggs, so that it is possible to separate the yolks from the proteins. We put a plate with proteins for a while to cool in the refrigerator. After that, we wash the lemon under running water and dry it with paper kitchen towels. Next, using a special grater for citrus fruits, rub the zest of lemon and transfer it to a plate or other container. And lemon itself can be used in the preparation of other dishes. Then set over a bowl in which we will prepare the dough, a sieve and sift the necessary amount of flour component. This must be done in order to saturate the flour with oxygen, which in turn will give the baking splendor, as well as get rid of lumps. After that, add the baking powder to the flour and mix everything with a tablespoon. Next, we take out the butter from the refrigerator, cut off the necessary volume and leave it on the table so that it is softened. Then add lemon zest, egg yolks, sour cream and softened butter to a plate with flour. And then, using a mixer, mix the contents into a homogeneous test mass. Next, we take the egg whites from the refrigerator, add the icing sugar to them and with a mixer, beat them until they form peaks. This process will take some amount of time, but it's worth it. After we get the whipped protein, gradually introduce it into the test mass and again thoroughly mix everything until smooth.

Step 2: bake the cakes.

Preheat oven to temperature 175 degrees Celsius. We grease the bottom and sides of the baking dish with vegetable or butter so that the cake does not burn. And then, pour half the dough into the mold. Set it in a preheated oven and bake the cake for about 45 minutes, until fully cooked. Then we take out the form from the oven, using a spatula we get the cake from the container on any flat surface. Next, cool the mold and rinse it under running water from the adhering dough. Then we coat with oil and pour the remaining amount of dough into it and bake the second cake in the same way. After the second cake is prepared, take it out of the oven and place it next to the first cake.

Step 3: prepare the berry layer.

Turn on the temperature of the plate to an average level. Pour the frozen berries into the pan and put on the burner. You can use any berries that you like best, for example black currants, raspberries, strawberries, seedless cherries, as well as their mixture. When the berries thaw, we reduce the temperature of the plate to a small level and with the help of a crush crush them directly in the pan. After we got the berry mass, bring it to a boil, while constantly stirring everything with a kitchen spatula. Cook until most of the liquid boils. And then, remove from the fire.

Step 4: whip the cream.

In order for the cream to whip well, they must be chilled. Therefore, taking them out of the refrigerator, immediately pour them into the blender bowl, add the icing sugar to them. Since we need a sufficiently large number of whipped cream, it is best to whip the milk component in small portions. We begin to whip the cream at low speed, then gradually bring the speed to maximum. Beat until air peaks form, but do not immediately turn it off, and also gradually slow down. The finished component is placed in a deep plate or bowl. Then whip the following servings of cream. And move on to the formation of the cake.

Step 5: form the cake.

Now we proceed directly to the formation of the cake. We divide berry impregnation into 3 parts. And then, using a tablespoon, grease the cakes with our impregnation, and distribute it evenly over the entire area of ​​the cake. Next, wash a little strawberries under running water, peel the green leaves and transfer to a cutting board. Then, using a knife, cut the strawberries into small pieces of arbitrary shape. Then we lay the first cake on a plate, in which we will serve the cake, grease the berry layer with whipped cream and sprinkle with strawberry slices. Next, apply another layer of whipped cream. And after that, close everything with the second cake, and with the berry side down. Then we lubricate it over the entire area with the remaining part of the berry impregnation. And then, using a metal spatula, coat the top layer of the cake, as well as all its sides with whipped cream. Now, our cake is fully formed and ready for decoration.

Step 6: decorate the cake.

You can decorate the cake as you like, which is enough for your imagination. But today, for decoration, we will use strawberries, mangoes and blackberries. To begin with, we will wash the mango under running water, dry it with paper kitchen towels and transfer it to a cutting board. Using a knife, cut it along the fruit into 3 parts. The pulp on the sides is cut into cubes. To do this, we make cuts on the pulp without cutting the peel, then we twist the sides of the mango and cut the cubes with a knife. And the pulp from the central part is cut out and after, also chopped. In this way we process the remaining two fruits. Sprinkle the obtained cubes on the surface of the cake around the perimeter. Strawberries are transferred to a colander and washed under running water from various contaminants. Then we clear of green leaves and lay on a cutting board. Each berry is cut in half along and put in a plate. Blackberries are also thrown into a colander, washed under running water and cut in half. Next, cover the bottom of the cake with half the berries in two layers. And fill the middle with halves of strawberries.

Step 7: serve the fruit cake.

The whole cake is served as the last third dish with aromatic tea or coffee. And cut right in front of the guests. Cook with pleasure! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - For a richer flavor, vanilla can be added to the dough.

- - For decoration, you can use not only these fruits and berries, but also any others that you like best, for example, peeled mandarin slices or pineapple slices.

- - For the preparation of this cake, it is necessary to use premium flour and fine grinding.

- - If you decide to use mangoes, then you need to know how to choose a delicious, ripe fruit. Color in this case does not play a special role, just squeeze the mango in your hands, and if it is elastic enough, you can take it. Also, a saturated smell can speak of the ripeness of the fetus.