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Pancake bags with mushrooms

Pancake bags with mushrooms

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Ingredients for making pancake bags with mushrooms

For pancakes:

  1. Milk pasteurized to any 1 liter (may be more or less, depending on the flour you use)
  2. Sugar 2 tablespoons
  3. Raw chicken egg 2-3 pieces
  4. Wheat flour 3-4 cups (cup weight 250 grams)
  5. Salt half a tablespoon
  6. Soda half a tablespoon
  7. Vegetable oil in the dough 100 milliliters
  8. Green onions 1-2 bundles (depending on the number of pancakes)

For filling:

  1. Ham 300 grams
  2. Hard cheese of any fat content and brand name 300 grams
  3. Mushrooms 500 grams
  4. Boiled eggs 2 pieces
  5. Mayonnaise 2 tablespoons or to taste
  6. Onion 2 large heads
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Ground black pepper to taste
  9. Vegetable oil 3-4 tablespoons
  • Main ingredients: Mushrooms, Flour
  • Serving 10 Servings


Deep bowl - 2 pieces, Mixer, Tablespoon, Stove, Frying pan, Ladle, Kitchen spatula, Large flat plate - 2 pieces, Sterile bandage - 20 centimeters, A kitchen towel, Mixer, Cutting board, Knife, Grater, Plate, Non-stick container for baking, microwave or oven

Making bags of pancakes with mushrooms:

Step 1: prepare the dough for pancakes.

Take a deep bowl, beat in it raw chicken eggs and put them the right amount of sugar and salt. Whip the ingredients until lush foam with a mixer for 4 to 6 minutesuntil sugar is completely dissolved. Then add milk to the total mass and beat the ingredients for another 3 to 4 minutesuntil white lush foam forms on its surface. Then add soda, vegetable oil and beat the total mass of dough for 3 to 4 minutes. And the last ingredient is sifted wheat flour. Pour it into the liquid mass in portions and, without ceasing, beat the dough with a mixer until smooth. The consistency of the dough should be similar to sour cream of medium density.

Step 2: make pancakes.

Turn on the stove at medium temperature and place the pan on it. Then take a piece of a sterile bandage, roll it into a roll and dip its tip in a small amount of vegetable oil. Grease the pan with fat and heat it up to 100 degrees. In a circular motion of the hand, unfold the pan while pouring ladle with batter onto it. Expand the pan so that the dough spreads throughout its bottom. Place the pan on the stove and fry one side of the pancake. 3 - 4 seconds. Then turn the pancake on the other side gently prying its edges from all sides with a kitchen spatula. Fry pancake 3 - 4 seconds on the other hand. Place the finished pancake on a large flat plate. Cook the rest of the pancakes in the same way.

Step 3: prepare the filling for pancakes.

Peel the hard cheese from the paraffin crust and grate it coarsely in a deep bowl. Remove the cling film from the ham, place it on a cutting board and cut into a small cube with an approximate diameter 0.5 to 0.5 centimeters. Peel boiled chicken eggs, lay on a cutting board and chop with a medium cube 1 to 1 centimeter. Place these two ingredients in a deep bowl. Rinse green onions under running water, shake excess water above the sink, lay on a separate plate and let dry. After disassemble the onion on the stems and set aside, it will come in handy later. Peel onions, cut off the root part of the legs of mushrooms, rinse vegetables under running water from various kinds of contaminants. After laying them on a cutting board and chop, onion into cubes with medium diameter up to 0.7 mm, cut mushrooms into arbitrary pieces up to 1 centimeter. Turn on the stove at medium temperature and place a pan with the right amount of vegetable oil on it. Throw chopped onion into the hot fat and fry it until transparent for 3 to 4 minutes. Then add mushrooms, to taste salt, black pepper and stew vegetables together for 10 - 12 minutes until the moisture evaporates completely. In a deep bowl with ham, eggs and cheese, add fried vegetables, the right amount of mayonnaise and mix the mass until smooth with a tablespoon. Stuffing is ready!

Step 4: form bags of pancakes with mushrooms.

Lay down 1 pancake on a large flat plate, in the middle of it put a couple of tablespoons of minced mushroom with ham, egg and cheese. Connect the edges of the pancake so that the bag turns out and so that your bag of happiness does not fall apart, tie it with a green onion stalk. In the same way, form the remaining bags of pancakes with mushrooms, put them in any non-stick container and put it in the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes or in the oven, preheated up to 180 - 190 degrees for 5 - 7 minutes. Then take out the container, helping the bags with a kitchen towel, and carefully using a kitchen spatula, transfer them to a large flat dish.

Step 5: serve the bag of pancakes with mushrooms.

Pancake bags with mushrooms are served warm or hot. Immediately before serving, they are heated in the oven or microwave. Such pancakes can be served with cottage cheese dressing, any kind of sauces, sour cream or delicious fat cream complemented with herbs, spices and garlic. Bags of happiness from pancakes with mushrooms, it is pleasant to relish with hot, fresh, only brewed honey tea. Enjoy it! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Pancakes for this type of dish can be made not only on milk, but also on kefir, low-fat cream.

- - Stuffing for this type of dish is not important, you can cook it from any ingredients you like. For example, you can make mushroom julienne, add boiled and grated potatoes, sweet salad peppers, any greens of your choice, experiment.

- - Slicing mushrooms and onions is not important, you can cut these 2 ingredients in the way that suits you best, but remember that larger pieces of vegetables will have to be stewed a little longer.

- - In this stuffing you can put any spices and seasonings you like that are suitable for meat and vegetable dishes.

- - Instead of green onions, you can use the cheese suluguni pigtail to bind the bags.