Meat spiral

Meat spiral

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Ingredients for Cooking Meat Spiral

  1. Minced meat (it is better to take pork and beef) 400-600 grams.
  2. Onion 1 large head.
  3. Wheat flour 6 cups.
  4. Chicken egg 2 pieces.
  5. Salt 2 teaspoons.
  6. Water 1, 5 cups.
  7. Ground black pepper to taste.
  8. Dill greens 1 bunch.
  • Main ingredients: Beef, Pork, Flour
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Bowl for kneading dough, Rolling pin wooden, Bowl for filling, Plastic bag or cling film, Knife, Cutting board, Bakeware or baking tray, Cooking brush for greasing, Waffle kitchen towel, Oven, Turning spatula wooden or metal, Serving dish

Cooking meat spirals:

Step 1: prepare the dough.

To begin with, we need to cook the dough, like dumplings. Maybe everyone for this has his own recipe for cooking, but I make such a dough like this. I take wheat flour, 2 glasses pour from a large bowl to knead the dough. We put the kettle on the fire, wait until it boils. Then make the flour 0.5 cup boiling water. Stir everything with a spoon. Then I take the chicken egg in one hand and the knife in the other. With a confident movement of the hand, I strike exactly in the middle of the chicken egg so that the eggshell crack a little. Then with two hands I push apart the crack site and release the entire contents of the egg into a bowl with flour. The main thing is to ensure that no piece of the shell gets into our bowl. Add some salt. Then you should knead a rather tight dough with all the ingredients. The dough should not stick to your hands. Take out all the dough from a bowl and put it in a plastic bag or in a piece of food film, wrap it and let it brew a little at room temperature, about 15 minutes. Then we take out the dough from the film and on the table, sprinkled with flour so that the dough does not stick - roll out a thin-thin circle with a rolling pin (the thinner it is, the better it will be).

Step 2: prepare the filling.

Take onions. We clean it from the husk and wash it under running water. Then finely chop it on a cutting board. Take and put our minced meat in a separate bowl. If you have it fresh, then you should first drain the excess water from the blood and only then spread it into a large bowl. If you have it frozen, then it should first be thawed. In no case should you defrost the minced meat in the microwave. At the same time, you can not only ruin your mincemeat, since with such a defrosting the mincemeat can even be cooked on the sides, but you can also just ruin the microwave oven itself because it is saturated with the smell of meat for a long time. Stuffing should be thawed only in a natural way, that is, put it all in a plate and put at a close distance to the included stove for several hours. Or, if your minced meat was wrapped heavily in plastic bags, then it can easily be put in a colander / bowl, which then should be substituted simply under running hot water. As a result, your mincemeat not only melts, but also the bag lags behind the meat. Now you do not have to separate it from the meat for a long time. Then pour the melted water with blood from the bag and put the minced meat in a bowl. Add finely chopped onions to the bowl with minced meat, salt everything a little, and pepper with black pepper. Now we take the dill greens, wash it thoroughly under running water, cut off the excess stem, finely chop the greens on a chopping board and add it to the same bowl with minced meat and onions. The main thing is not to spare the greens.

Step 3: form the meat spiral.

When onion, dill and spices are added to the minced meat, mix it thoroughly with all this. Using a spoon, we lay out our filling directly on a circle of dough. From one edge we take carefully (the dough we had rolled quite thinly) the dough and wrap it in the manner of a roll. The result is such a plump and long sausage.

Step 4: bake the meat spiral.

Preheat the oven on 180-200 degrees. We take a baking dish, you can take an ordinary small kitchen pan, or you can, as I did, take a round cast iron pan without a handle. With a culinary brush, grease the bottom and walls of the mold with vegetable oil and then put our meat spiral there. From above, using a knife, make a couple of cuts. And put everything in the oven! The meat spiral will be prepared about 30 minutes.

Step 5: serve the meat spiral.

We take out the finished spiral from the oven, cover the whole form with a waffle towel for 15-20 minutes, then the mode in pieces or just whole, and put it with a culinary spatula on a serving dish. Everything is ready - you can serve it on the table. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - we advise you to start wrapping the dough with the filling from the very edge, then you can beautifully spread the whole middle.

- - when I was cooking, I was a little safe and anointed the spiral on top with butter, and added a little ordinary room temperature water inside the mold. You can also do this, because in the end the dough does not harden and the filling, steaming well, is cooked in the oven.

- - You can serve such a dish both hot and chilled. As a side dish, mashed potatoes and any vegetable salad are suitable. Above, before serving, you can decorate the spiral with sprigs of parsley and dill.