Hawthorn compote

Hawthorn compote

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Ingredients for making hawthorn compote

  1. Fruits of hawthorn 0.5 kg.
  2. Spring water 650 ml.
  3. Sugar 450 grams.
  • Main Ingredients Hawthorn
  • World Cuisine


Colander, Cutting board, Sharp knife, Large pan for sterilization, Small metal circle, Small pan, Cooker, Kettle, Kitchen gloves, Waffle towels, Metal lids, Canning glass containers

Cooking compote from hawthorn:

Step 1: take the fruits of hawthorn.

In order to cook this wonderful and useful compote, only ripe, but by no means overripe hawthorn fruits are selected. They are thoroughly washed from the beginning, then carefully cut with a sharp knife on a cutting board, the fruits are thoroughly cleaned of seeds and again thoroughly washed under running water in a colander.

Step 2: prepare the syrup.

Now you should make sugar syrup. So, take the pan on 2 liters pour there 450 grams granulated sugar and 650 ml of water spring. Next, put the pan on a large fire and constantly mix with a wooden spoon until the granulated sugar has completely dissolved. Then bring the syrup to a temperature in 85 degrees and dip the previously prepared and peeled hawthorn fruits into the syrup. We leave the pan and insist this mixture 10 hours.

Step 3: sterilize and roll compote.

After the lapse of 10 hours, syrup should be poured into another clean pan, using a colander and then bring to a boil. The fruits remaining after draining the syrup in a colander should be placed in previously prepared simply warmed glass jars. The cans can be sterilized or just heated water in the kettle, and then scald each can with boiling water, turn it downside down on a waffle towel and let a little water run off onto the towel. Further, the berries distributed over the banks should be poured with boiling syrup from the pan and sterilized. To do this, clog the cans with lids, heat a huge pot of water, on the bottom of which you should install a metal circle, then put the corked cans on this circle in boiling water in this pan, wait the necessary time, carefully remove the cans with kitchen tacks and roll them with sterile metal lids .

Step 4: serve the compote from the hawthorn.

Stewed hawthorn compote can be stored in a cool dark place during winter vitamin deficiency, or for any illness, it can easily be opened and drunk by the whole family, both for preventive and therapeutic purposes. You can serve it both cold and preheating it to the required temperature and take it inside like ordinary tea. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - for 0.5 liter, the total sterilization time is 15 minutes, for 1 liter - 20 minutes, and for 3 liter - 30 minutes.

- - You can also slightly modify this recipe: and take 2 parts of ordinary apple juice without pulp for 1 part of sugar syrup. Then pour the fruits of hawthorn juice, boil all this for 2 minutes, and then add sugar syrup to them. Then everything should be done as in the original compote recipe.

- - By the way, you can not roll up this compote, and after cooking - immediately use it. Or you can simply pour it into small glass jars, close them with plastic lids and refrigerate.

- - We strongly recommend drinking compote from hawthorn during pregnancy for the purpose of prevention, because with it you can treat insomnia in pregnant women, as well as lower the level of excitability of the entire nervous system.