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Salted salmon

Salted salmon

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Salted Salmon Ingredients

  1. Salmon fillet (700 grams) 2-3 large pieces. (fresh or frozen)
  2. Sea salt (large) 500 grams.
  3. Sugar 500 grams.
  4. Ground black pepper 6 tablespoons.
  5. Dill is a big bunch.
  6. Coriander to taste.
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World Cuisine


Plastic or wooden board, Sharp knife, Food wrap, Paper towel, Deep bowl, Spoon, Deep plate

Cooking salted salmon:

Step 1: take the salmon filet.

First things first, make sure there are bones in the fish. If there is, they should be removed. Then we take pieces of salmon, if you have one piece, then we recommend cutting it into 2-3 previously. The main thing is that the piece of fillet is thick enough. I wash my fish in cool water, and then let it dry naturally. So that our pieces are well salted - make a couple of shallow cuts in different places. If you want (but this is not necessary) - you can peel off a piece of salmon with a sharp knife. To do this, gently pick up the skin near the abdominal cavity and tear it up to the ridge. Repeat this the other way and then cut the skin from the base of the ridge.

Step 2: prepare the mixture for salting.

It will not take long to prepare a mixture for salting. Take sea salt with large grains and pour it into a bowl. You can, of course, use for this not the sea, but the most ordinary cookery, but it must be coarse-grained. Next, pretty finely chop the whole bunch of dill. If it is not possible to take fresh dill, you can take a package of dry. Pour it to the salt in a bowl. Next, add sugar, preferably very fine, to the bowl. To it we add black pepper, or a mixture of peppers. In general, whatever you take pepper, it must not be ground, and the maximum crushed in a mortar. The main thing is not to get carried away and not to grind it into powder. Alternatively, you can add several peas of allspice along with pepper. In the end, you can add here a little coriander, both ground and in grains, in a bowl. Now mix everything thoroughly absolutely dry spoon better to take the dining room.

Step 3: salt the salmon.

Take dry and absolutely clean dishesin which you are going to salted salmon. An ordinary deep plate or bowl is quite suitable for this. Clean fillet, if it comes with the skin, then it should be laid down with the skin directly on the very bottom of the plate or bowl, and then fill everything with the mixture. If you have a fillet without a skin, then the mixture should be conditionally divided in half and first pour the mixture on the bottom of the bowl, put the fish fillet on it, and fill the fish with the rest of the mixture on top. After that, take the cling film and close the top of the bowl well. It is desirable that the film very tightly closed the fish, so wrap the container properly. Now put the closed plate in the refrigerator on 12 hoursIt’s better to do it at night. Across 12 hours you will need to remove the film from the bowl, take out the pieces of salmon from there and turn them over to the other side, close the bowl with plastic film again and refrigerate 12 hours.

Step 4: serve salted salmon.

At the expiration of 24 hours remove salmon from the refrigerator, clean it of large pieces of salt, as well as pepper. Everything, salted salmon is ready to eat. As a result, you have ideal proportions, and all the ingredients are more than affordable, and your own fish as a result will turn out to be quite tender, very juicy, not very salted. You can cut it into small pieces and serve on a serving platter. Before serving, decorate the dish with herbs and fresh lettuce leaves, and lay on top of them slices of salmon. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - choose LARGE salt, and salmon should be either fresh or frozen, but always thawed - that is, without excess liquid. You can smash ordinary peas with peas with the back of an ordinary knife. Before that, you should put peas on a napkin. As a result, you get coarsely ground pepper, in general, what we need with a prescription.

- - in case you decide to pickle a larger or smaller piece of trout using this recipe, remember that the amount of sugar should be the same as the amount of salt.

- - if you like salted fish, you can reduce the time of salting itself, but not the amount of salt and sugar.

- - If you wish, you can pickle your salmon fillet without dill or with lemon.