12 Beach Bars with the Best Views Around the World

12 Beach Bars with the Best Views Around the World

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What makes a great beach vacation? Is it the swimming? Endless lazy laps through the cool water under the hot sun, waves cresting beneath us as we lounge like sea otters in the surf?


Is it rubbing fruity stripes of sunblock along our arms and legs and dozing on a blanket for a sunbaked beach nap while the rest of the world clacks at keyboards in bland grey cubicles because it is, in fact, 2 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon?

That’s pretty good.

12 Beach Bars with the Best Views Around the World (Slideshow)

But what about nighttime? Is it eating conch fritters and slurping sugar and alcohol with just the tiniest hint of fruit through a straw, dancing with our eyes closed to a Calypso band we’ll swear when we get home was “amazing”, though we won’t really remember the band? Is it that we will only remember the way we felt so relaxed we could’ve melted down through the plank floor into the sand beneath as we watched the sun meet the sparkling blue water in the distance against glowing pink sky?

Yeah, pretty sure that’s the one.

Beach bars are almost as important to a beach holiday as the water itself. After all, you can’t swim and nap on a towel all week. Eventually, you’re going to need to get your drink on, and a great beach bar lets you leave your everyday self back in Cleveland where it belongs and become beach you, who dips barbequed lobster in butter with no qualms about cholesterol and can wax poetic about the sunset well enough to rival drunk Hemingway.

It goes without saying that most beach bars have beautiful views (duh, they’re on the beach), so how did we round up the best? Well, first we considered location. It doesn’t get much better than Bali, so it stands to reason that beach bars there are going to have some killer views. Next, we looked at the bars themselves. Some spots are built to maximize the natural beauty around them, like Moonshadows, which is built into the side of a cliff to offer an unobstructed view of the ocean. Finally, we relied on a little help from our friends. Each beach bar on this list has been vetted by the best: CNN Travel, Condé Nast Traveler,and other adventurous publications of repute, so you can be sure these spots aren’t just beautiful — they’re absolutely stunning.

Don’t believe us? Read to see more for yourself!

12. Pirates Bight, Norman Island

This island was the basis for Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island; now it’s home to a private resort with a beautiful bar that features clear views of both the shoreline and 610 acres of uninhabited island.

11. Ty Coch Inn, Wales

The humble inn on the beautiful beach made waves when it was recently voted one of CheapFlights’ Best Beach Bars in the World. However, on closer inspection, it’s easy to see why the world is warming up to this place. The quaint bar (which used to be a vicarage) is nestled into green hills and has clear views of nearby Yr Eifl and Snowdonia. Not every great view has to be tropical!

20 airbnbs we’d rent for the view alone!

Location, location, location. It’s as important for booking travel lodging as it is for real estate! For those with a serious case of wanderlust, a room with a view will only enhance your vacation. Whether you’re planning your next adventure or just looking for inspiration, we’ve found 20 Airbnb rentals with killer views in the world’s most fabulous travel destinations. So what kind of view do you dream of waking up to?

When to visit Greece

The best times to visit Greece are April-June and September-October. The weather is mild and most places have few crowds. High season is late June to early September, and prices will reflect that as will the crowds, the number of cruise ships and accommodation availability.

Summer is still great, especially for beach time and in some of the lesser known spots. The water is warm, there are blue skies every day and a fun holiday atmosphere.

Easter is an especially wonderful time to visit Greece as it becomes very festive with parades, parties, and on many islands bonfires , fireworks and other activities and traditions. There are many festivals throughout the year that can vary for place to place and can be quite fascinating to witness.

Best beach and swimming weather: June to September
Best sightseeing weather: March to June and September/October

2. Dog Beach

Source: Romain7189 / shutterstock Dog Beach

Not your usual Key West Beach, coming to this tiny yet beautiful area only makes sense if you have a four-legged best friend who wants to enjoy an exclusive beach day.

The only beach in Key West that allows your buddy to go unleashed and splash around happily, Dog Beach is only 20 feet across and has a lot of wet rocks and seaweed laying around which makes the terrain rocky and slippery.

There is another Dog Beach and Dog Park at Higgs Beach but ask for Louie’s Backyard to get to this one since there is no signage to point at the beach.

Louie’s Backyard, the adjoining eatery, is a great place to wrap up your beach day with your dog since they have no issues if you bring your buddy to dine with you.

The World's 10 Best Secret Bars

Long after the concept of speakeasy was coined in the Twenties, many people from around the world are still mesmerized by secret bars. Given the ongoing intrigue of venturing into hidden establishments, hundreds of hidden bars and speakeasies are recently bursting onto the scene.

Secret Entrance to the Blue Room (Photo Credit: Antonio Diaz)

To find the best secret bars in the world , luxury website VeryFirstTo.com consulted Christine Sismondo—author of America Walks Into a Bar: A Spirited History of Taverns and Saloons, Speakeasies and Grog Shops , the team at Timothy Oulton —world renowned British furniture and interiors company responsible for some of the finest speakeasy décor, and hundreds of bar reviews from renowned experts.

Marcel Knobil, Founder of VeryFirstTo, shares their top picks.

Crowned one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2016 , 28 Hongkong Street is a sleek and refined space tucked behind an unmarked door on a small street in Chinatown, and veiled by plush curtains. Known mainly by word-of-mouth, the secret bar's website doesn't offer too much information. But one thing is for certain: Reservations are essential. As for the drinks, while “Eastern” ingredients are used, 28 HongKong Street takes a West Coast approach to making high quality cocktails.

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: Five Foot Assassin—a playful riff on a frozen daiquiri that captures the flavors of Trinidad using ingredients such as pandan and tapioca.

28 HongKong Street (Photo credit: 28HKS)

Behind an unassuming basement door down a nondescript alleyway in Sydney Central Business District is the city’s best secret bar. B oasting some of the most experienced (and perhaps friendliest) bartenders, cool vibe, and magnificent pretzels, The Baxter Inn is especially known for its whiskey. The impressive wall display of approximately 900 whiskies is hard-to-miss.

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: Japanese whisky, neat

The Baxter Inn (Photo credit: The Baxter Inn)

When you hit the fourth floor of Los Angeles Athletic Club, you must check out the sliding bookcase. It’s a hidden entrance to Blue Room—a waterhole first opened in 1912 and catered to such Hollywood royalties as Mary Pickford, Rudolph Valentino and Charlie Chaplin. As far as secret bars go, Blue Room is certainly richest with history. Just look at all the antique books, canes, hockey sticks and violins alongside old photographs decked out in the members-only joint.

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: The Uplifters Cup—Macallan 12, Carpano Antica, Licor 43, Creme de Cacao, Aztec Chocolate Bitters, garnishes with a piece of bitter dark chocolate

Blue Room (Photo credit: Antonio Diaz)

The Butcher may look like another sleek burger joint, but tucked behind its secret kitchen stands one of the coolest speakeasy-style bars in Amsterdam. With a dark and intimate space, inventive drinks and exceptionally attentive bartenders, make sure you book in advance. You’ll need a password to get in.

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: Spicy Crusta—A mix of gin, St Germain elderflower liqueur, Zuidam orange, lemon juice, and Butcher syrup, served with a side of caramelized orange and lemon peel

Here’s a place that’s quirky, beautiful, and has an award-winning cocktail menu that changes regularly. Filled with surprising items such as a throne and artwork oddities, walking through Callooh Callay is like revealing a secret bar after another. Consists of three separate areas, the unassuming little front bar is the most accessible of the three, while the hidden back lounge can only be reached through a “Narnia-style” wardrobe. Getting into Jubjub is even trickier, as the upstairs bar has a 4-digit door code that changes daily.

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: New World Spritz— Oolong-infused Havana 3 rum, fresh watermelon juice, lime, lemon bitters, prosecco

Hidden in a small alleyway in Chinatown, this secret bar is like a hospital meets the whimsical school that you’ve never attended. On the ground floor is a science lab-like area with unusual glass apparatus and the Departments of Male and Female Hygiene (bathrooms) , while the second floor has a Gymnasium with artificial turf bar featuring reputedly strong cocktails and house vodka that’s distilled on site.

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: Anything—most of the cocktails are fully customized and served in large syringes.

Who knew going to a bar could make you feel like a time-traveling James Bond? The journey at Foxglove begins with a search for a particular umbrella handle that opens a 1920s speakeasy-style secret doorway, leading to what feels like a first class aircraft cabin in the 50s. Entering the VIP room is another challenge, as you need to touch a specific painting to find your way. But all the detective work is well worth it, as the edgy yet old-world drinking spot serves up imaginative cocktails, phenomenal oysters and live music.

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: Eastern Promise—green pepper-infused premium gin, yuzu marmalade, guava, lemon, star anise and a splash of absinthe

Go deep for a unique bar experience as Local Edition is hidden at the basement of the historical Hearst building. True to its location, the bar takes inspiration from newspaper business in the 50’s and 60’s. You’ll see walls covered with vintage newspapers and dark corners adorned with antique typewriters. Check out the plush velvet seated theater for movie nights, as drinks on offer are crafted according to the film.

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: Barbarella - Gin, Lemon, Cocchi Americano, Strawberry, Salt & Pepper, Absinthe. Served Tall on crushed ice

Less of a hidden bar and more of a world’s hidden wonder, this mesmerizing piece of immersive art is situated in a tiny, charming village. Created by HR Giger—Swiss artist and Academy Award Winner for his design work in Alien, this ‘biochemical environment’ is characterized by a cavernous, skeletal structure covered by a double arch of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle. With jaw-dropping views around every corner, you’ll find the drinking experience here absolutely surreal. Where better to sip Alien-themed cocktails than in a spectacular labyrinthine lair?

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: Alien Blood Shot Irish Coffee

Museum HR Giger Bar (Photo credit: HR Giger Museum)

Through the highly unusual entrance—a vintage phone box inside an East Village hotdog joint —is an understated, quirky and sophisticated joint that exemplifies its name PDT (Please Don’t Tell). With possibly the most talented bartenders in New York, PDT serves a combination of seasonal and sophisticated cocktails, served alongside delicious hot dogs.

WHAT YOU MUST TRY: The Sage Old Buck—Benromach 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky, Belle de Brillet, lemon juice, ginger beer, Vanilla, black pepper, sage

Starting mid-October, VeryFirstTo.com joins luxury travel specialist, Hurlingham Travel , in launching a month-long “The World’s Most Alluring Secret Bars” trip to ten cities. At $98,000 per couple, this trip includes organization of travel ( Business Class), airport transfers, car hire, accommodation (Junior suites where available), two cocktail classes, plus three items from Timothy Oulton’s Hudson furniture.

Eustacia Huen is a lifestyle writer whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal Asia, Business Insider Prime, Popular Science and many more.

Eustacia Huen is a lifestyle writer whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal Asia, Business Insider Prime, Popular Science and many more.

Her specialty is fun, informative, and slightly geeky content — whether it's 3D printing's impact on the future of fine dining how to teach kids about electronics through sewing or the world's first underwater tennis court, which became one of ForbesLife's most popular stories in 2015.

Beyond writing and building 22Carrots — a site where food and lifestyle collide — some of her favorite pastimes include sampling matcha desserts, ranking classic Kit Kats from around the world, and watching tennis (especially when Nadal is playing).

Top 10: world’s most amazing restaurants with a view

Monday newsletters always feature top 10 travel lists to inspire.

Today (April 30, 2018): Top 10 restaurants with a view that matches the food.

Even the most delicious food in the world wouldn’t have quite the same taste if you were forced to eat it while staring at a concrete wall. A restaurant with a stunning view can elevate a dining experience from a mediocre event to a life-long memorable meal. Whether you’re looking out over a city’s silhouette, a glimmering coastline or rolling countryside, check out my top 10 of the world’s best restaurants with amazing views that will create memories long after your plate is cleared.

There’s more info below the slide show. Think I missed one? Share your favorite restaurant with a view in the comments section, or take my poll below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One of the highest open-air restaurants in the world, Vertigo offers an al fresco dining experience set atop the roof terrace of the luxurious Banyan Tree Hotel in the heart of Bangkok. As you can expect, Vertigo boasts jaw-dropping views, so you can dine on fork-tender seafood and premium steaks while feasting your eyes on Bangkok’s vast skyline, 61 floors above the city. It is worth arriving a bit early at Vertigo for a pre-dinner cocktail so you can catch a glimpse of Thailand’s capital during daylight and dusk (the restaurant opens at 5 pm).

  • Restaurant website: Vertigo
  • Other accolades: Banyan Tree Bangkok also features in my top 10 list of the world’s most spectacular rooftops.
  • Tip: enjoy free VIP perks at Banyan Tree Bangkok when booking via Virtuoso (e.g. upgrade, daily breakfast, early check in, late check out, and a complimentary Thai set dinner for two at -Saffron restaurant on the 52nd Floor).
  • Review: coming soon.


High atop the cliffs of Big Sur, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, is Sierra Mar, the signature restaurant of the Post Ranch Inn Hotel and winner of Wine Spectator’s prestigious Grand Award. Offering an unconventional fine dining experience and eclectic menus, Executive Chef Elizabeth Murray presents inquisitive food creations featuring ingredients highlighted by a sense of place and culture. Selections from the award-winning wine cellar enhance the innovative, inspired cuisine.

  • Restaurant website: Sierra Mar
  • Other top 10 accolades: The Post Ranch Inn also features in my top 10 lists of the world’s most spectacular cliffside hotels and the best luxury hotels & resorts in the USA.
  • Tip: enjoy free VIP perks at the Post Ranch Inn when booking via Virtuoso (e.g. upgrade, daily breakfast, early check in, late check out, and $100 USD resort credit).
  • Review: read my review of the Post Ranch Inn Hotel here.


Sweeping views of Hong Kong’s dramatic cityscape captivate diners at th 28th floor Felix restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel, created by avant-garde designer Philippe Starck. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out on the city’s neon skyline, Victoria Harbour ships, and the bustling shopping district of Kowloon. The contemporary menu features fresh seasonal dishes such as crab salad and tuna tartar with dandelion salad, slow-cooked sea bass with black shrimp mousse, and grilled Australian lamb.

  • Restaurant website: Felix
  • Other accolades: The Peninsula Hong Kong also features in my top 10 lists of the best luxury hotels in Hong Kong and luxury hotels with private helipads and airports.
  • Tip: enjoy free VIP perks at the Peninsula Hong Kong when booking via Virtuoso (e.g. room upgrade, early check-in, late check-out, daily breakfast, and $100 USD resort credit).


Dining at ‘Un Piano Nel Cielo’, the gourmet restaurant of hotel Casa Angelina on the Amalfi Coast, reflects the unique personality of the Chef, Vincenzo Vanacore, who creatively communicates through his cuisine his love for fresh produce and culinary traditions which culminates in innovations and culinary delights. The rooftop restaurant with its breathtaking terrace suspended between sky and sea, is the perfect setting to experience a certain Italian-style ‘art de vivre’ with views of Europe’s most spectacular stretch of coast.

  • Restaurant website: Un piano Nel Cielo
  • Other accolades: Casa Angelina also features in my top 10 lists of the best hotels on the Amalfi Coast and swimming pools with stunning views.
  • Review: read my review of Casa Angelina here.


Located atop the � North Michigan Avenue‘ supertall skyscraper – formerly known as the John Hancock Center – the Signature Room at the 95th floor offers exquisite a la carte food and dazzling skyline views. The elegant wood designs and art deco interior create an inviting and intimate atmosphere, while the floor-to-ceiling windows exhibit breathtaking Chicago skyline views and 360 degree views of the entire city and Lake Michigan. While requests cannot be guaranteed, ask for a window table facing the southwest for the most spectacular city views (towards the Willis Tower).


Guests and visitors flock to Dasheene – Ladera Resort‘s signature fine dining restaurant – to enjoy award-winning cuisine and the spectacular views of the Pitons and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Chef Nigel Mitchel’s cooking renders stylish interpretations of traditional St. Lucian dishes, such as sweet potato and coconut soup, Caribbean lamb salad, roast conch with pickled vegetables served in a yam basket, Cajun Creole vegetable bakes, jerk poulet sausage, plantain gratin with coconut rum sauce and more.

  • Restaurant website: Dasheene
  • Other accolades: Ladera St Lucia also features in my top 10 list of the world’s most spectacular cliffside hotels.
  • Tip: enjoy free VIP perks at Ladera Resort when booking via Virtuoso (e.g. room upgrade, daily breakfast for 2, early check-in, late check-out, and $100 USD resort credit).
  • Review: read my review of Ladera here.


From its perch on the Eiffel Tower’s second level, 410 feet (125 m) above the ground, Le Jules Verne offers expansive views of the City of Light. Guests of the restaurant look out over wide boulevards and slate gray rooftops at lunchtime, or go in the evening to observe Paris’s twinkling lights. The menu reflects the revered culinary traditions of France, but celebrity chef Alain Ducasse’s team brings a modern touch to classic recipes. For example, sea bass is cooked in its caramelized juices with just a splash of cream added at the end to intensify the flavor and lighten the dish. The wine list is 100 percent French.


The Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort, located on the northern Musandam Peninsula in the Sultanate of Oman, has beautiful indigenous village-style accommodations in a spectacular setting, with the dramatic mountains on one side and the sandy beach of Zighy Bay on the other. Its mountaintop signature restaurant ‘Sense On the Edge’ is the perfect place to enjoy breathtaking views and a very memorable dinner under the stars. There is a choice of five or seven-course set menus accompanied with terrified degustation wines.

  • Restaurant website: Senses on the Edge
  • Other accolades: Six Senses Zighy Bay also features in my top 10 lists of the best luxury hotels in Oman, the world’s most amazing beach hotels, and the world’s most over-the-top hotel experiences.
  • Tip: enjoy free VIP perks at Six Senses Zighy Bay when booking via Virtuoso (upgrade, free breakfast, a massage for two people, early check-in and late check-out).
  • Review: read my review of Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort here.


Executive Chef Michael Deg offers his signature style ‘bistro-chic’ cuisine at the Restaurant of the Delaire Graff Estate in the winelands of the Western Cape. Beautifully presented dishes use the highest quality seasonal ingredients from ethical farmers and organic suppliers, while desserts are a triumph of indulgence and originality. Weather permitting, guests are able to relax on the terrace under a dappled canopy of pin-oak trees while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding South African landscape.

  • Restaurant website: Delaire Graff Restaurant
  • Otheraccolades: Delaire Graff Estate also features in my top list of places to visit in & around Cape Town.


The award-winning Andronis Suites Hotel clings to the side of a steep cliff, high above Santorini’s spectacular caldera, which are the remains of a devastating volcanic eruption 3,600 years ago. Its Lycabettus restaurant, named after a hill in Athens, has a terrace located on dramatic rocky outcrop juts right out over the water, in what must be one of the most romantic restaurant settings in the world. Traditional Mediterrean recipes are blended with organic ingredients and elements of nouvelle cuisine to create a superlative menu.

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Room 14A, The Lowell

"It was early morning, we were having coffee on the terrace, and it just felt so completely luxurious to have that kind of city view. We were peering into the lives of people who have balconies above the east side of Central Park, into homes and roof gardens, and you normally don’t get that perspective, especially if most of your life is spent on street level. To me, it felt like that quintessential New York City experience—not having an Upper East Side terraced apartment, but imagining that this was mine. It’s charming and glamorous and the kind of thing that makes even jaded New Yorkers fall in love with the city all over again."–Matt Hranek

12 Amazing Places Where You Can Stargaze In Malta

Stargazing has been a favourite past time ever since humans existed. Stars fascinate us.

What are they? Why do they shine so much?

We’re not here to answer those questions, but we’re here to help you find a great stargazing spot on the island.

1. Ħad-Dingli

Dingli is a favourite spots among star gazers all over the island.

The secluded cliffs and the lack of artificial lighting makes it the perfect place to look at the skies. If you’re lucky you might spot a shooting star too.

2. Wied iż-Żurrieq

An underrated spot for star gazing, Wied iż-Żurrieq offers some of the most celestially breath-taking views on our island. Not only are the stars there very visible, but this wadi is among the most lush and green on the island.

People enjoy frequent walks here, because it’s amazing AF.

3. Selmun

This makeshift picnic/party/hike/bbq place is also great for stargazing. Which gives us another reason to love this secluded spot. Can we like Selmun anymore than we already do?

4. Delimara

This south spot is a cool hangout and great camping area. Take advantage of this beautiful place and hang out there more often. It might seem a bit creepy at night, but that’s part of the charm ux.

5. Miġra l-Ferħa

Miġra l-Ferħa is one of those places completely blessed with beauty and nature. It’s a seldom visited spot, and that’s what makes it popular among local stargazers.

This spot has been popular for eons — even Count Roger was totally into it, legends say that that ruling beast landed there.

6. Anchor Bay

Another Mellieħa spot which people are totally in awe with. Apart from gazing at amazing stars you could also look over at Popeye Village and wonder about how that enigma survived.

Not only is it great for stargazing, but you can also hang around waiting for the sun to rise.

7. Tal-Merżuq

This Gozo spot is the only place with a giant Jesus statue on our islands. It’s also a convenient spot for star gazing, walking among nature and feeling peaceful AF.

When the visibility is good you can also see Mount Etna quite clearly. Isn’t that great?

8. Top of the World

Malta’s very own make-out spot is also great for stargazing. Who knew?

Għargħur’s answer to every 90s American movie is the perfect spot to chill out and look up at the skies with your favourite humans. Chances are that you’ll have company, but honestly, who cares?

9. Ġnejna

A favourite among swimmers and hikers. Ġnejna is one of those super far away lands which take ages to reach by car but are still totally worth it.

The drive may take literally forever, but once you get there you will feel like the view will stay with you for a whole lifetime.

10. Aħrax

Aħrax is a place truly blessed with natural wonders. From beautiful caves to mesmerising beaches, it truly has it all. You could watch the stars from the comfort of the super convenient campsite close-by.

Aħrax will spoil you with choices when it comes to choosing a cushy place to stargaze.

7. Hampton Inn & Suites Outer Banks/Corolla

Photo Source: Hampton Inn & Suites Outer Banks/Corolla

Right on the beach, surrounded by windswept dunes in Corolla, which is part of North Carolina's fragile Outer Banks ecosystem, this Hampton Inn & Suites is a relaxing resort. Many of the colorfully decorated rooms and suites come with ocean views. Some also feature furnished balconies.

On-site amenities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools (including one for kids) a lazy river, hot tub, fitness room, and private beach access. There is also a free hot breakfast in the morning.

If you want to golf, the property is just a few miles from Currituck Club golf course. The front desk can also help arrange area excursions, from kayaking tours to seeing wild horses.

Address: 333 Audubon Drive, Corolla, North Carolina

20 Places to Drink Al Fresco Before You Die

There is nothing quite like drinking outside. No matter the time of year, whether on the beach or around a fire after a day of skiing, al fresco drinking seems to just make the wine in the glass taste better.

To assist you with this endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of incredible (and Instagrammable!) outdoor drinking destinations across the globe. From parks to piers, bars to beaches, we’ve got 20 killer spots where you can imbibe outside and soak up your daily dose of Vitamin D(rink). We suggest grabbing your closest friends and heading out with a glass — or bottle, we don’t judge — of Beaujolais in your hand. Cheers!

In a cave in Spain

Located in a cave carved into the the seaside cliffs of Menorca, Spain, Cova d’en Xoroi might be one of the world’s most epic drinking destinations. The impressive bar offers drink specials, live music, touring DJs, and a number of other attractions but what you can consistently bank on are spectacular views of the sparkling Mediterranean, which pair perfectly with a killer glass Brouilly Cru Beaujolais, #nofilter necessary.

At the world’s highest open-air bar

We’d suggest you try to forget that the Sky Bar was once affiliated with The Hangover Part II fortunately, that sequel is pretty forgettable anyway. The Bangkok bar’s real claim to fame, and the reason it’s worth a pilgrimage, is that it’s the world’s highest open-air bar. Perched 820 feet up on the 64th floor of Bangkok’s State Tower, the award-winning hot spot offers a solid selection of drinks and cigars. Above all, you’ll want to take in the stunning 360-degree views of the city with some Fleurie Cru Beaujolais.

On a pier in Lake Tahoe

One of the most beautiful places on earth, or at least in California, Lake Tahoe is packed with scenic spots where you can enjoy a glass or two of an earthy, Juliénas Cru Beaujolais. However, there’s one in particular that quite literally sticks out. Pier 111 Bar is parked on the end of the Hyatt Regency’s 275-foot floating pier. Whether you take a midday swim break to gaze out at the mountain views or opt to watch the sun set over the iridescent water come evening, Pier 111 has you covered with the next best thing to walking on water: drinking on it, of course.

On the banks of the Seine

Few people understand and embody joie de vivre like the French, but you don’t have to seek out a fancy cafe to enjoy life to the fullest. The City of Lights offers scenic (and historic!) views around every corner and, as is the case with most life experiences, they’re best enjoyed with a romantic glass of wine. To channel your inner Parisian, simply grab a baguette, don a beret (just kidding, please don’t), and stroll down to the Seine with a bottle of Saint-Amour Cru Beaujolais. Just don’t blame us when you fall in love. That type of thing tends to happen in Paris… especially after a few glasses of wine.

By the beach in Santorini

While you can always BYOB to the beach, after a few too many sandy mouthfuls of homemade sangria, you’re in dire need of a drinking upgrade. Enter Theros Wave Bar, on Santorini’s Eros Beach, which has been voted one of the best beach bars on the Mediterranean. Sip on an elegant Côte de Brouilly Cru Beaujolais while reclining by the water, or head up to the restaurant and soak up the sights and sounds from the deck while you wait for night to fall and the real party to begin.

If this is island fever, we’re totally fine with it.

Lounging by the pool on an LA rooftop

The best way to enjoy Los Angeles is as far away from traffic as possible, and for that, it doesn’t get better than sipping among the clouds — or at least above the smog — on the roof of one of the city’s hippest hotels. Named one of the hottest new cocktail bars, Broken Shaker is located atop the super-chic Freehand, exuding the glamour of a Fleurie Cru Beaujolais. Not to mention, they offer killer bites and booze you can enjoy from the bar or while lounging poolside and working on your tan.

Hear that? It’s the sound of adventure calling.

Outside an opera house

Whether you’re an alto, a soprano, or can barely carry a tune, Sydney’s Opera Bar is a must-do Down Under. Located on Sydney Harbour just steps away from the Opera House — a finalist for one of the New 7 Wonders of the World — Opera Bar boasts an extensive wine list, good vibes, and stellar pizza, making it, hands down, one of the coolest hangout spots south of the equator for creatives looking to enjoy some Régnié Cru Beaujolais.

Sprawled on a blanket in Central Park

You haven’t truly experienced NYC until you’ve spread out a blanket and covertly popped open a bottle of wine in the middle of this iconic Manhattan oasis. Head out in the evening, secure a few square feet of real estate among the park’s 843 acres, and sit back to enjoy the NYC’s best and most accessible attraction: people watching. Just keep in mind that public drinking isn’t exactly condoned by the NYPD, so try to be discreet. (Fortunately a down-to-earth Chiroubles Cru Beaujolais tastes just as delicious concealed in a paper coffee cup from the local bodega.)

Suspended in the sky

Al fresco meets adrenaline rush at Dinner in the Sky, an extreme drinking and dining experience for which guests don harnesses to drink and dine at a table that’s actually suspended mid-air. (In this case, video speaks louder than words.)

While it may be a little nerve-wracking, Dinner in the Sky is nonetheless is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that definitely deserves a spot on your imbibing bucket list. (Plus, we hear Moulin-a-Vent Cru Beaujolais tastes even better at higher altitudes.)

Floating in Fiji

You have to be pretty confident to name your bar Cloud 9, but we can confirm that here it’s totally warranted, because this place is practically paradise. Surrounded by clear turquoise water and accessible only by boat, this romantic destination is perfect, especially when paired with a Saint-Amour Cru Beaujolais. The two-tier floating platform also boasts an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria, plus sundecks, live DJs, jet ski tours, and, best of all, plenty of opportunities to show off your swan dive.

Aboard a schooner in the city

As soon as the weather gets nice, Manhattanites flock to Grand Banks to enjoy oysters and cocktails while drinking in incredible views of the Hudson River. Located on an old, historic fishing boat, this bar on a barge is a summer favorite for tourists and locals alike, and is an ideal spot to kick off a weekend or wind down at the end of one…

Or, in this case, wine down with a Chiroubles Cru Beaujolais. That’s probably more accurate.

Along the Amalfi Coast

Not familiar with the singular beauty of this Italian region? Do a quick Google Images search and prepare to be sucked down the most aesthetically pleasing Internet hole imaginable. Whether you head down to the elegant water with a bottle of your own Côte de Brouilly, or order a glass of at one of the cafes nestled along the coast, no matter where you booze, you really can’t lose. The term al fresco is Italian, after all. Salute!

Kicking back in Mission Dolores Park

Next time the fog lifts in San Francisco, grab your friends and race the rest of the city’s occupants to the the grassy hills of Mission Dolores Park to inhale unbeatable views of the Golden Gate City. Just keep in mind that, much like Central Park, popping bottles isn’t exactly allowed, so play it cool and, most importantly, leave any glass at home.

We suggest transferring your bold Chénas Cru Beaujolais to a reusable water bottle — all the better to fit in with all those eco-friendly Californians.

On a Sunday stroll through a Berlin flea market

Photo credit: katatonia82 / Shutterstock.com

In few cities do the historic and the hipster overlap like they do in Berlin, and Sundays at Mauerpark are the ultimate example. The name of the park actually translates to “Wall Park” — “referring to its status as a former part of the Berlin Wall and its Death Strip” — and at the end of the weekend, it transforms into a flea market where locals and visitors treasure hunt, gobble down street food, and enjoy a buffet of live performances, including karaoke. In short, it’s a feast for the eyes, mouth, and ears. And, like all creative endeavors, it’s best enjoyed with a Régnié Cru Beaujolais.

At a semi-hidden spot in Dubrovnik

Photo credit: Tuomas Lehtinen / Shutterstock.com

You might throw around the term “hole in the wall” when referring to your neighborhood dive bar, but that expression is manifested quite literally at Buža Bar, a watering hole bar tucked into the wall of a cliff in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In fact, Buža actually translates to “hole in the wall,” and at this one, you’ll find cold drinks and unbeatable views of the Adriatic — plus cliff diving, if that suits your fancy. (Liquid courage likely required.)

While enjoying the tunes of UTOPiAfest in the Oaks

Live music and drinking are a natural match, but we’re not talking warm $8 Bud Lights at Lollapalooza. Now in its 10th year, UTOPiAfest — an annual Central Texas affair that’s a favorite among the region’s true music lovers — is the antithesis of today’s typical festival. Think smaller crowds, less commercial BS and a laid back, family-friendly vibe with acts big and small performing against a scenic, tree-dotted backdrop. (Plus yoga, hikes, silent discos and more!) Perhaps best of all, though, is the festival’s BYOB policy, meaning you can trade that overpriced Bud for a vibrant Brouilly Cru Beaujolais and enjoy a wine-filled weekend set to what’s guaranteed to be a pretty phenomenal soundtrack.

Taking in wildlife and waterfalls

Photo credit: The Royal Livingstone

At The Royal Livingstone, indigenous wildlife roam free and, best of all, you can observe them while relaxing with a drink and listening to the famous Victoria Falls — one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Situated along the banks of the Zambezi River, this luxurious hotel has multiple bars and restaurants on site for dining and drinking, but we suggest you go for the full experience and book a room. Once you’ve enjoyed cocktails and earthy Juliénas Cru Beaujolais in the company of zebras, we imagine it will be pretty hard to tear yourself away.

On the water down in Georgia

If you’re in the market for some Southern hospitality, head down to Savannah for dinner and a bottle of full-bodied Chénas Cru Beaujolais (or two) at The Wyld Dock Bar. Situated along Country Club Creek, the bar not only has your food and drink needs covered, but also offers bocce, sweet fire pit action, live music, and plenty of space for kids to run around. So if your summer afternoon at The Wyld stretches into a summer evening, no worries… that tends to happen here.

In a backyard in Budapest

Food, cocktails, coffee, a garden, markets, live music, bike tours, festivals, wine and food courses — it’s no surprise that popular community space Szimpla Kert is known as Budapest’s iconic party place. While we definitely recommend you check out this bucket-list bar for all of the above items and activities, for now we’re going to keep it simple — or szimpla, rather — and focus on one key to-do: Enjoying a bottle of Saint-Amour Cru Beaujolais in the backyard.

Staying at a (maybe) haunted hotel in the mountains

Located in Estes Park, Colorado, the Stanley Hotel is where Stephen King’s The Shining was filmed. It has you covered in the spirits department in more ways than one. Gather your film buff friends and stroll the grounds to soak up some major cinematic history before heading to the Cascades Restaurant & Lounge to enjoy incredible mountain views outdoors as you eat, drink some Morgon Cru Beaujolais and be… scary.

Just one word of advice: don’t order red rum.

This article is sponsored by Beaujolais, the perfect wine for all convivial, outdoor adventures.