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Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Fill the shot glasses, previously placed in the freezer, with pomegranate seeds, then pour cold Tequila until the glasses are full. Serve immediately.

Mexican Road Trip? How Tourism Is Transforming The Tequila Industry

Spirits related tourism is not new, but in the last several decades it has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry. Distillery visits in Ireland topped more than one million in 2019. Scotch whiskey distilleries had over two million visitors in 2018, while Kentucky’s distilleries had more than 1.6 million visitors that year.

With the average spend per distillery visit at between $ 60 and $ 100 dollars per visitor, plus the addition of spirits related tourism elsewhere in Europe and North America, this segment is rapidly becoming a half-billion dollar plus segment of the spirits industry. Add in hotels, meals and other related expenses, and spirits related tourism is easily a billion dollars plus business segment.

Mexico’s tequila industry is experiencing much the same trend, both for its product and for visitors interested in seeing where it is produced. Exports of tequila from Mexico’s 155 licensed tequila distilleries now amounts to more than 230 million liters, worth over $ 1.6 billion to Mexico’s tequila industry.

The wholesale value of tequila sales in the US, 70% of the industry's export market, now exceeds three billion dollars with, according to the Distillers Council of the United States (DISCUS), premium and ultra-premium 100% agave tequilas amounting to more than one-third of that turnover. One of every four American’s consumes tequila or a tequila based cocktail.

The boom in tequila sales is driving an even faster growing segment of the tequila industry however — the dramatic increase of visitors to Mexico’s tequila distilleries. According to the Mexican Chamber of the Tequila Industry (CNIT), visitors to Mexico’s tequila distilleries amounted to around one million in 2019.

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Roughly 25% of those visitors were from North America, 70% were Mexican nationals and the balance were a mix from other countries. That’s a remarkable number considering that many distilleries are not open to the public.

Fields of Agave Along the Route of the Herradura Express

The tequila producing zone in Mexico consists of the state of Jalisco plus specific, delineated areas in the states of Nayarit, Michoacán, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas. From a practical standpoint, more than 90% of Mexican tequila production occurs within a 50-mile radius of the town of Tequila in the Jalisco state. The steady increase in visitors has produced a hotel building boom in the town of Tequila. Roughly two-thirds of Mexico’s tequila distilleries are located within 20 miles of the town of Tequila.

The next major concentration of distilleries is in the highlands or Los Altos. The region has also seen a significant increase in tequila related tourism, albeit from a far smaller base. Most visitors, however, tend to stick to the town of Tequila. Distilleries in the highlands tend to be more distant from one another. Hotels are few and far between, and the roads are often poor and narrow. Particularly vexing if you get stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle.

Historically, its storied legacy notwithstanding, tourism was not a prominent feature of the Tequila area. Neighboring Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city and its financial and industrial capital, is only 32 miles away from the town of Tequila. The roads connecting the two cities, however, are mostly two-lane highways, prone to traffic jams and congestion.

The 32-mile distance can often take one to two hours to traverse by car. Moreover, the region was poorly served by hotels and generally lacked the infrastructure typical of a developing tourist area.

Despite the growing interest in tequila, especially on the part of North American visitors, it has only been in the last 10 years or so that a few tequila distilleries began offering tours and tastings. Most distilleries do not have gift stores and many do not take credit cards. It’s significant that tequila related tourism has become such a prominent part of the industry, despite these obstacles. That underscores how much potential tequila related tourism has for the industry.

Between 2006 and 2018, tourist visits to the region increased from around 200,000 visitors to approximately 1.6 million visitors, although not all of these visits were tequila related. A visit to a distillery, however, has increasingly become part of most visitor’s itinerary, even if they are not necessarily tequila enthusiasts.

The significant increase in visitors, especially Mexicans, is remarkable because it mirrors an equally important shift in Mexican attitudes toward tequila. Tequila has always been deeply woven into Mexican life and culture. It is the quintessential Mexican drink an icon that symbolizes, like the Mexican character, a fusion of Meso-American and Spanish culture.

Over the last two decades, tequila has increasingly become the aspirational drink of Mexico’s rising middle class. Where once Cognac or Mexican brandy would have been the first choice of Mexico’s growing middle class, today it is increasingly finely crafted tequilas.

This trend has been especially notable among Mexican women, especially Mexican millennials, who have embraced tequila as a drink that both distinguishes them from their parents while reaffirming their Mexican roots. Today, tequila is Mexico’s most consumed spirit.

The Tequila Route in Jalisco

Photo, courtesy Jalisco Tourism Board

The Tequila Route, a UNESCO recognized world heritage site, is a road network that connects Guadalajara with the towns of Magdalena, San Juanito, Etzatlan, Ahualulco, Teuchitlán, Amatitán, Arenal and Tequila. The eight towns surround the Tequila volcano, the geologic heart of the tequila zone, and span both the lowlands and highlands of Jalisco.

According to the CNIT, about 900,000 visitors traversed the Tequila Route in 2019. In addition to connecting the main tequila production centers of Jalisco, the Ruta has become a cultural and increasingly gastronomic destination, as well as a venue for various tequila themed festivals and events.

In addition, in 1997, the Tequila Herradura Express was launched. The train service connects Guadalajara to the Tequila Herradura distillery at the San Jose del Refugio Hacienda in the municipality of Amatitán. The Tequila Express features on-board Tequila tastings and a mariachi band as it traverses Jalisco’s blue agave fields.

Upon reaching the Herradura distillery, participants receive a tour of the distillery, as well as a lunch. The service only operates on weekends and, on occasion, on Monday as well. The train journey from Guadalajara usually lasts from two to three hours and costs around $ 90 to $ 120 per person depending on the class of service and add-ons chosen.

The train experience has proven to be so popular that Jose Cuervo, Patrón and Sauza have also organized their own versions of the Tequila Express. The Jose Cuervo Express travels from Guadalajara to Cuervo’s La Rojeña distillery in the town of Tequila.

The journey offers traditional Mexican cuisine paired on board with tequilas from Jose Cuervo. Optional events include a tasting guided by a Maestro Tequilero, a tour of the distillery and a Mexican mariachi show. The tour ends with a tasting of Cuervo’s top of the Reserva de la Familia line. The train runs every Saturday and runs about $ 80 per person.

Patrón has also launched its own Tequila Express. It utilizes a meticulously restored 1927 vintage railcar that in the past hosted luminaries like President Franklin Roosevelt and Clark Gable. The 85-foot train car is equipped with a gourmet kitchen, dining room, three staterooms and an observation room. The car is pulled by an Amtrak locomotive and can travel anywhere on the railroads 21,000 miles of track. It is used primarily for Patrón related promotional events in the U.S. and is available by invitation only to friends of the distillery.

Sauza is offering a bus service in a luxury, air-conditioned coach designed to bring visitors from Guadalajara to the company’s distillery in Tequila.

The town of Tequila has been designated a magical town, a magic city, by the government of Mexico, and has been earmarked for aggressive tourism related development. Moreover, it has been designated as Mexico’s first intelligent magical people. In collaboration with the National Geographic Society and Mundo Cuervo, the Mexican government intends to make the town of Tequila the first completely interactive tourist destination.

The Hotel Solar de Las Animas

Photo, courtesy Mundo Cuervo

Additionally, the state of Jalisco is spending millions of dollars in various infrastructure related road improvements. More significantly, the Beckmann Foundation, a philanthropic organization created by tequila maker Casa Cuervo, has announced plans to invest over $ 200 million in several five-star hotels, a convention and cultural center, new retail development projects and a cable car system.

Mundo Cuervos Solar de las Animas is a 200-room hotel opened in 2019. Also open are two other Cuervo hotel properties: Hacienda el Centenario and Hotel Villa Tequila. Las Salles, which is linked to the El Tequileno distillery, is another, just opened, brand new hotel, and is widely considered the best hotel in Tequila.

For an interesting twist to the usual hotel accommodations, the Matices Hotel de Barricas, on the grounds of the La Cofradia distillery just outside of Tequila, uses individual, cabin-like structures fashioned to resemble over-sized barrels to house its guests.

The next big wave of tequila related tourism, however, will come from improving road links between the Tequila area and the booming tourism industry in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit. The region, which encompasses the city of Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco state, as well as the portion of Banderas Bay to the north in Nayarit state, along with the towns of Compostela, San Blas and the Riviera Nayarit, received over seven million tourists in 2018 .

By nationality, roughly 70% of those tourists were Mexican nationals, and the balance were foreigners. Foreign tourists tend to stay longer, however, so when measured by room nights, the mix of Mexican nationals to foreigners was about 50-50. Foreigners are the overwhelming majority during the winter months, while Mexicans dominate the rest of the year.

Historically, the tequila region was a four to five-hour drive from Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit. Visits to the area would have required an overnight stay in Tequila or one of the adjacent towns on the Tequila Route. The lack of hotel rooms in the area was a hugely limiting factor.

All that changed with the inauguration of the new Nayarit Interstate highway. The highway will connect the Nayarit Riviera with Tequila, shortening the drive to approximately two-three hours.

Tourism represents half of the economic activity of Puerto Vallarta and the Nayarit Riviera, so not surprisingly the tourism industry has been quick to seize the opportunity of tequila relayed tourism. Scores of travel companies now offer one or two day trips to Tequila and the surrounding region. The town of Tequila itself hosts many distilleries, among them well known producers such as Sauza, Cuervo, Casa Noble and Orendain.

There is one other little known bonus to tequila tourism. The larger distilleries, like Sauza, Orendain or Jose Cuervo, have gift stores where they sell the range of tequilas they produce. Prices are typically two-thirds to one-half less than the retail prices in the U.S. If you are serious about stocking your bar with top of the line tequilas, a trip to Jalisco’s tequila region could be largely self-financing.

It’s difficult to estimate the full economic impact of tequila related tourism because currently most visits are add-ons to other destinations. Tourist officials estimate that presently tequila related tourism is contributing over $ 200 million to Jalisco’s economy — a fraction of the economic output produced by its tequila producers. Tequila tourism is set to grow dramatically, however, and it is not inconceivable that, in time, it may become as important as the tequila industry itself.

Surprisingly, there are several ways that the two are distinctly different.

They are distilled using a different process.

Tequila is produced by steaming agave in industrial ovens. It is then distilled multiple times in large copper pots. On the other hand, though, mezcal is cooked inside of earthbound pits that have been lined with lava rocks and then filled with wood and charcoal. The mezcal is then distilled into clay pots.

They are produced in different areas of the world.

Although both mezcal and tequila come from Mexico, they tend to come from different areas of the country. Tequila is produced in Jalisco, Nayarit, Taumalipas, Michoacan, and Guanajuato. Mezcal is produced in Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Pueblea, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi, Durango, Michoacan, and Taumalipas.

They are labeled in different ways.

After tequila and mezcal have been distilled, they are aged inside of large oak barrels. Here, the differences come in terms of the aging process, which then translates to the labeling process. For example, tequila is available in three varieties based on how long it has been aged. Each of these varieties has its name.

The same can be said for mezcal. However, mezcal is named using a different system.

They are made of different agave.

Mezcal can be made from any of 50 different types of agave, while tequila can only be made with one, Weber blue agave. The plant that makes this agave is tall and of a blue-gray color, hence the name “blue agave.”

They have different flavor profiles.

On the most basic level, tequila has a traditionally smooth, sweet flavor. Mezcal, though, has a smoky, savory flavor that comes from its time being smoked underground during the production process. In addition, they are also consumed differently, with mezcal being traditionally consumed straight with chili salt and an orange slice and tequila being served straight or mixed into a cocktail.

As you can see, mezcal and tequila are very different things despite their similarities. They are made using other processes, with varying types of agave they taste different and are produced in different parts of Mexico. With this information, you can now put the age old mezcal / tequila debate to bed the next time you’re in a heated forum.

Easter 2020. Stuffed eggs, the simplest recipes for the festive meal

Easter 2020. Easter appetizers. Stuffed eggs Photo: delicatese.net

Easter 2020. Easter appetizers. Stuffed eggs Photo: delicatese.net

Stuffed eggs, an appetizer that should not be missing from the festive Easter table. Choose the best composition for you from the options below.

SOURCE: realitatea.net


To start, boil the eggs for 15 minutes over medium heat. Calculate the time after the water starts to boil. After the eggs have boiled well, let them cool for a few minutes, then put them in a bowl of cold water (you can also add ice) for a quick peeling. Cut the eggs in half.

Mix the yolks with the four "sets" of ingredients below, separately, and pass well with a fork. Once each mixture is ready, start filling each half of the egg, egg white, with a posh or a teaspoon.

After you have finished filling all the eggs, place them on the plates, trays, plates you have chosen. You can finally garnish on the plates, among the stuffed eggs, with paprika, parsley leaves, cherry tomatoes, mustard seeds.

Eggs stuffed with salsa sauce

Yolks from 5 boiled eggs
Garlic powder 1 tsp
Hot paprika 1 teaspoon
2 tablespoons hot salsa sauce (you can buy it from the supermarket or you can make it at home - see the recipe below)
Finely chopped pickled donut - a quarter (or how much you think you need, it also depends on the size of each egg)
Mayonnaise - 2 tbsp
Mustard 1 tsp

To decorate the eggs, use spicy paprika and finely chopped fresh donut.

Sauce sauce

It only takes 10 minutes to make your own salsa sauce at home and all you need is a blender, a few simple ingredients, and a good knife. You can halve the amounts of ingredients below if you want a smaller amount of sauce.

Sauce sauce ingredient:

- 800 grams (2 cans) of peeled tomatoes
- 1 cup chopped parsley
- half a chopped red onion
- 2 hot peppers, pitted, finely chopped (you can use any kind of pepper you want and put a mixture of spices)
- 2 tablespoons lemon juice
- a quarter teaspoon of coarse salt

* If you do not use hot peppers, but normal peppers, you can add your favorite mixture of spices, but pay attention to the salt you add so, in addition to the coarse salt.

Method of preparing salsa sauce:

Put all the ingredients in a blender or food processor. Mix them with a spatula first. Turn off the blender from time to time to mix and taste. Stop mixing when it's the way you want it. Then add salt and lemon if needed. Then pour it into a bowl and put it in the fridge in the fridge for at least half an hour before using, serve. The sauce can be kept cold for up to a week.

Eggs stuffed with bacon

Yolks from 5 boiled eggs
Fried bacon 3-4 slices
Cheddar cheese cut into small cubes
Salt and pepper
Cream 3 tbsp
Finely chopped green onions

To decorate the eggs, use finely chopped green onions and bacon.

Eggs stuffed with mayonnaise and pickles

Yolks from 5 boiled eggs
Finely chopped pickled cucumbers 2-3 pieces
Salt and pepper
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
Mustard 1 tbsp

To decorate the eggs, use parsley and paprika.

Eggs stuffed with avocado and garlic

Yolks from 5 boiled eggs
Avocado 1 piece
Green bell peppers - a quarter of peppers
Lemon juice 2 tbsp
Finely chopped garlic 1 puppy
Tomatoes 1 piece
Red onion - a quarter of onion

Festive Tequila - Recipes

San Lorenzo Park, Downtown Santa Cruz
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Festive Tequila - Recipes

This Mexican Independence Day Step Step your knowledge of Mexico's most well-known Spirit with a virtual class. Learn the basics like where does Tequila come from? What are the differences between Blanco, Reposado, Anejo? or what pairs nicely with a plate of Cheese!

(TRAVPR.COM) UNITED STATES - September 3rd, 2020 - Contrary to popular belief, Mexico & rsquos independence is not celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. The celebration of the country & rsquos birthday actually starts on Sept. 15, the eve of Mexican Independence Day, when cities across Mexico reenact the rally screams of the country & rsquos independence heroes and then continues on the 16th.

Mexico & rsquos cradle of independence is located in the state of Guanajuato, which is one of the Mexican states visited as part of Viva Tequila Festivals & rsquo Mexico Experience and home to well-known tourist destinations like the cities of Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo, and San Miguel de Allende .

This year, as travel is generally on hold for the moment, we invite you to celebrate Mexico & rsquos independence from home. Here are five ways to celebrate with friends and family this Mexican Independence Day.

Have Mr. Tequila do a Virtual Tequila Class
Step your knowledge of Mexico's most well-known Spirit with a virtual class. Learn the basics like where does Tequila come from? What are the differences between Blanco, Reposado, Anejo? or what pairs nicely with a plate of Cheese!

Drink a Mexican flag
Mexicans are very patriotic and love their national colors: green, white and red. Not surprisingly, they have made a drink & mdash The Flag & mdash out of them. This festive, multiple-shot cocktail is made up of three shot glasses, one filled with lime jJuice, the next with Tequila Blanco and the third with Sangrita. Drink them in that order consecutively.

Eat in Chile in Nogada
The Mexican flag also makes an appearance in one of the country & rsquos most patriotic dishes: the Chile in Nogada, a poblano chile stuffed with a ground-turkey mince, covered in a creamy walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. This is the dish to have in Mexico during this season and can be ordered from any Mexican restaurant in the United States.

Throw a Mexican fiesta
Just because you can & rsquot be in Mexico at this time it does not mean you can & rsquot bring the party to you! Throw your own fiesta to celebrate Mexican culture and independence. Cater your dinner with a local Mexican restaurant to support small business and decorate with the colors of the Mexican flag. And is there really a better time than this to get a pi & ntildeata?! Add a little bit of Mariachi music from the state of Jalisco and, of course, you can & rsquot forget the Tequila!

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Tequila: Mezcal Life

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Tequila: Three Agaves
Taco: Chicken & Beef Egg Rolls

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Festive Tequila - Recipes

Now in it’s second year, Tequila Fest Columbus will be back at Woodland & # 8217s Backyard taking over the parking lot area. There will be over 50 different types of tequila, food trucks, margarita bar, model beer specials, live music and more.

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10 Best Things to Do in Mexico & # 39s Tequila Country

Whether you’re looking to explore Mexican culture or you’re just a super fan of tequila, there’s nowhere better to learn about and savor this traditional distilled drink than the blue agave fields spread out over the west-central plains of Mexico. The area known as "Tequila Country" is mostly within the state of Jalisco, where the capital and largest city is Guadalajara, but it also spills over into the neighboring states of Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. But the epicenter is the aptly named town of Tequila, which is just an hour north of Guadalajara.

Just like champagne must come from the Champagne region of France, tequila can only legally be produced in the Tequila Country of Mexico. If you're planning a trip to explore the region, there are plenty of great things to do on your travels, ranging from exploring the town of Tequila and touring the Jose Cuervo distillery to spending the night in a boutique hotel or hacienda (ranch or estate) among the blue agave fields.

For a delicious lunch or dinner, we prepared these endives in the oven, with ham and grated Parmesan. With a special aroma, endives have few calories and high nutritional value. . Read more





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