Fish Tartki

Fish Tartki

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Ingredients for Cooking Fish Tartines

  1. Baguette (french loaf) or regular loaf of 8 slices
  2. Tuna (canned fish in its own juice) 2 cans
  3. Garlic 1 clove
  4. Mayonnaise 3-4 tablespoons
  5. Onion 1 onion
  6. Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
  7. Hard cheese 200 grams
  8. Ground black pepper to taste
  9. Parsley or dill greens 8 branches
  • Main ingredients: Tuna, Bread
  • Serving 8 servings


Knife, Cutting board, Oven, Deep plate, Fork, Tablespoon, Grater, Baking tray, Oven grill, Baking paper, Wide dish, Canned knife, Refrigerator

Cooking Fish Tartines:

Step 1: prepare canned tuna for further processing.

Take a couple of jars of delicious tuna in our own juice. For starters - open them with a can opener. Pour the fish into a deep plate. Using a fork, knead the tuna into small pieces. In order to prevent fish porridge, carefully use a fork, let’s say so - without fanaticism. Slices of fish should be felt in the tartines.

Step 2: mix canned tuna with other ingredients.

We peel one onion from the husk and rinse it under running water. On a cutting board with a knife, cut our vegetable. The main thing that the knife was sharp enough. We try to chop the onion into very small pieces. Since coarsely chopped onions will spoil and overshadow the taste of tuna. Add the chopped ingredient to a plate of canned fish. There we add 3-4 tablespoons of mayonnaise and black ground pepper, but the truth is to taste. Sprinkle everything with one tablespoon of lemon juice. And we begin to mix all our ingredients with a spoon until smooth. Cooked mass put in the refrigerator for 1.5-2 hours. While our fish mass is soaked and pickled in mayonnaise and in lemon juice, we can do any other things, as we made the main preparation for our recipe.

Step 3: prepare the baguette for future use.

This very important step. The main thing is not to forget about him, well, or to remember in time. We clean the clove of garlic from the husk and then - rinse under running water. While the garlic dries, we cut a baguette into eight slices on a cutting board with a knife, 1 centimeter thick. If you didn’t find a French baguette in the store, do not be discouraged - I used slices of a regular loaf in the recipe and the tartki turned out to be very tasty too. So, we take our slices of bread and begin to rub them with garlic, but only on one side. Garlic will add spice and piquancy to our dish.

Step 4: apply the fish mass to the baguette pieces.

Well, our main filling for tartin has already cooled sufficiently and has been saturated with additional components. Let's work with her. Using a spoon, spread the fish mixture on prepared pieces of baguette. We smooth out irregularities with a knife. We spread the fish mass on the side on which our bread slices are spread with garlic. An interesting point: for cooking we will need both a baking sheet and a grid for the oven. We put the baking sheet in the oven one level closer to the fire, cover it with baking paper so that when the cheese flows, it does not stick to the surface, and then the baking sheet was easy to wash. We put the fish tartki on a wire rack and put it in the oven one level above the first baking dish. Pieces of bread can even be placed in such a way that they are adjacent to each other with their barrel. Why is this done? When our sandwiches are baked “on weight”, they will have a crispy underside. Believe me, it is very tasty.

Step 5: prepare the fish tartines for baking.

The final touches, and soon you and your guests will be able to try such a simple, but in their own way exquisite masterpiece that you have prepared yourself. We take hard cheese and rub it on a medium grater. It can be of any kind. The main thing is that the cheese you choose melts well. Sprinkle our fish tartars with grated cheese. Do not spare this product - you will not spoil the dish with them. Cheese on such sandwiches is like a crown on a king! The bigger, the better.

Step 6: bake fish tartki.

Completely forgot! Preheat the oven to 200 - 220 degrees. And only after that we put the grill with tartinki. Bake them about 10-15 minutes. When a golden crust appears on the surface of the fish tartines, our dish is ready.

Step 7: Serving Fish Tartines.

We lay the finished fish tartars on a beautiful wide dish. Garnish with parsley or dill. What can I say? Tartinki turned out - well, just "lick your fingers." Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - During the preparation of the fish mass, you can add finely chopped greens and green onions. It turns out also very tasty.

- - Serve fish tartki with different sauces, mayonnaise or ketchup.

- - If you did not find canned tuna, then you can use any other canned fish in the dish. Exception: goby in tomato and sprats in oil.