Salad "Kremlin"

Salad "Kremlin"

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Ingredients for the preparation of salad "Kremlin"

  1. Red fish (salmon, salmon, trout) in a vacuum package 150 gr.
  2. Red caviar 0.5 cans.
  3. White rice 0.5 cups.
  4. Peking cabbage 1 pc.
  5. Chicken eggs 4 pcs.
  6. Quail eggs 4 pcs.
  7. Mayonnaise (for dressing) 50 gr.
  8. Cream (any fat content) 50 gr.
  9. Sour cream (any fat content) 50 gr.
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 3 servings


Bowl, Colander, Knife, Cutting board, Saucepan, Skimmer, Spoon, Cooker, Serving plate

Cooking Kremlin salad:

Step 1: prepare the eggs for the salad.

Place chicken and quail eggs in cold water and boil until tender, about 10 minutes over medium heat. Remove the boiled eggs from the pan with a slotted spoon to a plate to cool. Clean the chilled eggs. Cut chicken eggs into thin slices on a cutting board with a knife. Cut the quail eggs with a knife on a cutting board into halves. We need quail eggs to decorate the salad, and chicken eggs, as one of the main ingredients.

Step 2: prepare the rice for the salad.

Pour 1 cup of cold water into the pan, pour rice, and cook over medium heat. within 15 minutes until ready. Rinse the finished rice with a colander and put in a plate to cool.

Step 3: prepare the red fish for the salad.

Put the red fish on the cutting board in front of you. Take a sharp knife and keep it parallel to the table. Hold the knife by the handle and slide the blade over a piece, pressing a little, you get thin plates of fish.

Step 4: prepare the Beijing cabbage for the salad.

Wash Beijing cabbage thoroughly, and crush it with a knife on a cutting board, like a salad - with slices of medium thickness.

Step 5: prepare a salad dressing.

For salad dressing, mix in a bowl with a spoon in equal proportions cream, sour cream and mayonnaise.

Step 6: prepare the Kremlin salad.

We divide each product into two equal parts. Lay out the first half of the products in layers, then the second. Put Beijing cabbage on a serving plate, grease with salad dressing. Then sprinkle with half boiled rice and lay sliced ​​chicken eggs. Lubricate the salad dressing. Put red fish, grease with dressing again. Then put repeated layers: sprinkle rice on the fish, put slices of chicken eggs, grease the dressing, put the remaining fish, grease the salad dressing, put the Chinese cabbage. Put red caviar in a teaspoon.

Step 7: serve the Kremlin salad :.

Decorate the finished salad with halves of boiled quail eggs. You can also decorate with fresh herbs! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - To make the rice friable, cook it in a saucepan without a lid and use not a large saucepan, but a small one, 1-2 liters.

- - In order to better clean the eggs, immediately after cooking put them under a stream of cold water.

- - It is not necessary to salt the Kremlin salad, because salt is a good substitute for red caviar.