Fish soup

Fish soup

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Clean the fish of scales and matte, wash well and cook. If the fish is fresh, you can also keep the captains. Keep it cold until we prepare the soup.

Wash the vegetables and finely chop according to preference, then sauté in a few tablespoons of oil.

When they start to soften, cover them with hot water (about 1.5 l) and let them boil.

When they are almost cooked we can add the rice and salt and let it boil until the rice is completely cooked. At this point, add the tomato juice, let it boil, then add the borscht and let it boil with it. If necessary, add more hot water, but be careful to leave room for fish

Note: The borscht is boiled before adding it to the soup!

Add the fish meat to the soup at the end, when the borscht has boiled !, leave it for a few minutes until it has turned white, turn off the heat and add the finely chopped greens.

It is served with great appetite with a polenta and a boiled brandy. I didn't make mamamliga but it also goes with bread.

Good appetite!